Aug 19

A Musical Interlude

I ran across this video last night. It’s another performance video from 2009 when we did a little side project that didn’t have a name.

It’s an acoustic version of Melissa Etheridge’s “Like the Way I Do.”

My neck and shoulders were incredibly sore the next day, I realize now that it’s because I was channeling Joe Cocker and Stevie Wonder’s love child.

Also – I’m spending the day over at where I’ve put out my list of Things I Have Learned from Watching Porn.


Jun 04

New Total Eclipse Promo Video

I had UMB put this together with some relatively new footage we got of Total Eclipse playing at Maggie McGarry’s in San Francisco. If you watch carefully, you’ll see Lee and Sly (from my radio show back in the day) dancing around in the foreground.