Aug 19

A Musical Interlude

I ran across this video last night. It’s another performance video from 2009 when we did a little side project that didn’t have a name.

It’s an acoustic version of Melissa Etheridge’s “Like the Way I Do.”

My neck and shoulders were incredibly sore the next day, I realize now that it’s because I was channeling Joe Cocker and Stevie Wonder’s love child.

Also – I’m spending the day over at where I’ve put out my list of Things I Have Learned from Watching Porn.


Dec 02

I’m Just Too Damned Old For This Shit

I’m sure everyone knows by know that I’m really into music. I play in multiple bands, write songs, listen to my iPod even when I sleep, and frequently see live music.

I typically limit my concert going to groups/artists that I really like… preferring to spend my money on entertainment that I know I’m going to enjoy. Reasonable enough.

Apparently there is another reason why I limit myself to these shows; I am an old grumpy codger.

Here’s how it went down… A good friend of mine that I have recently reconnected with is the promotions manager for a very popular radio station in Sacramento. They held their holiday concert event, “Jingle Ball” last night and he offered UMB and me tickets to the show plus meet and greet passes.

The lineup consisted of Jason Derulo, Cobra Starship, Boys Like Girls, Kris Allen, and Justin Bieber.

Of course I was looking forward to seeing Kris Allen. I was a big fan throughout last season’s American Idol, obviously. I knew one song from Cobra Starship, “Good Girls Go Bad.” I was vaguely aware of Boys Like Girls.

I had never heard the name Jason Derulo before, despite the fact that he apparently had a recent #1 single for four consecutive weeks.

I might add here that I never listen to the radio anymore. I get my music via late night video views, online reviews, and recommendations from friends… and let’s not forget the genius of, which has pointed me to many great artists I might not ever have discovered otherwise.

And I knew there was some young kid out of Canada that was quite popular due to his performances on YouTube, but had not spent more than a second’s thought on Justin Bieber.

Back to last night…

Kris Allen signing autographs.

Kris Allen signing autographs.

We stood in a lot of lines… one of which was a line that descended stairs into the “VIP Area” where the meet and greet was to occur. While standing in this line, there were suddenly a series of sustained high-pitched screams from the downstairs area, presumably from the front of the line.

UMB asked me, “Where do you suppose this line is actually going?” “From the sounds of it, the depths of Hell,” was my response.

Now, if I haven’t painted this picture well enough yet, let me take a second to point out that UMB and I were literally surrounded on all sides by gaggles of middle-school-aged girls.

And a smattering, here and there, of foppish boys who were either begrudgingly accompanying their middle school girlfriends, or who were fronting that they were there for some serious rock and roll from the pop-punkers Boys Like Girls or Cobra Starship, but were really, secretly there because they too were hoping to catch Justin Bieber’s eye.

We finally make our way downstairs to yet another line that leads to a row of tables where the artists were seated, furiously signing autographs and looking rather blase about the whole deal.

Jason Derulo is a nice looking guy who smelled good and had soft hands. He couldn’t, however, figure out how to spell “Jester” so settled for the simpler “Paul.”

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo

Kris Allen was next in line, and he was somewhat bemused by the interaction with Jason and had already added the “To Jester” on his photograph. UMB could only manage a “Hi” before getting star struck. I told him that he was hit on my blog, and that I really enjoyed the album (both are true statements).

Kris Allen

Kris Allen

The guys from Boys Like Girls were all very friendly, and the guitarist and I spent a moment discussing tattoos, before I moved down the line.

Boys Like Girls

Boys Like Girls

The members of Cobra Starship barely looked up.

Cobra Starship

Cobra Starship

And then we reached Justin Bieber. He’s about 4 feet tall with a floppy bowl haircut. I’d bet a year’s wages that he doesn’t have pubic hair. According to Wikipedia, he’s 15 years old, but he looks more like a 9 year old. He looked way up at me and said, “Hi Bro!”

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Hi Bro? I could pick him and twirl him like a baton, dip him in blue cheese and bite his head off like a baby carrot. I’m old enough (gulp) to be his father, yet I get a “Hi, Bro.”

My hatred of the term “Bro” is another post in itself… but I just collected the autograph and moved along to find our seats.

Things I Learned from the Actual Concert

  • Jason Derulo is built, can dance, has a decent voice, but shitty songs.
  • Cobra Starship surprisingly didn’t suck. They are better live than on the recording.
  • Kris Allen can sing circles around the rest of the artists on the bill. He’s really short, and is already bored by being on stage.
  • Boys Like Girls were the most entertaining in terms of stage show and energy.
  • If at any time any artist thought they were losing the crowd, all one should do is merely mention the name “Justin Bieber” to illicit a shriek that can be heard from space.
  • Justin Bieber sings songs about his “favorite ladies” and finding “the love of his life” in a squeaky high voice.
  • Justin Bieber pays a very large black man to stand on stage, run a MacBook, and periodically say into a microphone, “Make Some Noise for Justin Bieber” as if there isn’t already a hysterical mob crying and screaming his name.
  • Justin Bieber also pays a different very large black man to act as a camel, that is, Justin steps off the stage and rides on his shoulders through the crowd.

The radio station setup a screen on stage that projected text messages that the audience could post to. If the texts displayed are a sampling of the intelligence level of today’s youth, we are in some serious trouble.

Here are some examples:

I loveeeeee u Bieber! Mary Me! <3 ~Anisa~

Skrem if u think Justen is hotttttttttttttttt!

U my wurld JB! SCREAM!

Ammmmyyyyyy loveeeeeeees the Bieber!

Every twenty seconds or so, another “Scream if you…..” messages would appear on screen, causing the entire audience to create this sound that I can only describe as a cicada operating a dentist’s drill on a chalkboard in hell.

Outside of a handful of moms and dads scattered through the crowd, UMB and I were the oldest people in the crowd. I’d say by a margin of 10 years.

At the end of the show, I excused myself to the restroom. I needed a moment away from little screaming and crying girls, and needed to empty my bladder. I made my way to the men’s room downstairs to discover that the lights were all out.

I spent a couple minutes looking for the light switch, found it hiding in a camouflaged panel and made my way to a urinal. Almost immediately, this girl comes walking in, sees that the lights are on and shrieks to her friends who were presumably waiting in Boston that there was a bathroom here.

Six girls then parade into the room. One remarks, “I only see urinals.”

“That’s because you’re in the men’s room,” I say over my shoulder, not leaving my post at the urinal.

There was another shriek that may still be echoing around the concrete walls of the bathroom as they ran past me to the far end of the bathroom and into stalls.

I finished up and tried to ignore all the giggling and exclamations of “how dreamy hottttt” (seriously, she pronounced the extra “t’s”) Justin Bieber was.

On my way out, I flipped off the hidden light switch and took off running up the stairs.

They are probably still screaming bloody murder.

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Sep 15

To Patrick Swayze, Thanks for Everything

My first memory of you was in The Outsiders, a movie that later inspired the name of the band from the record deal series… Then you provided a major piece of my childhood… I can’t count the hours spent copying your dance moves in my living room with Tracy, and playing “She’s Like the Wind” on the piano, a song that I performed in a talent show in Moscow to great (albeit creepy) unison applause.

You had some great scenes in Roadhouse and Next of Kin, which were admittedly dumb movies.

Ghost is an iconic movie that will probably be what you are most remembered for…

But my favorite performance by far was the sweet Vida Boheme in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.

Patrick Swayze

Thank you for having the courage to not only be a straight guy who studied ballet, but for being confident enough to play a campy drag queen with respect and heart.

Your death was not unexpected, but still very sad.

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May 08

No More Kings New Album GiveAway!

I totally gushed over No More Kings first, self-titled album back in September. It was easily my favorite music discovery of 2008, and is at least in my top 10 of the 2000’s.

You may also remember that the lead singer for the band, Pete, found my gushing post and struck up a conversation which ultimately lead to him sharing some of the tracks from the new album, “And the Flying Boombox” with me several months ago.

In this weird world of social media, twitter, facebook, email, and impersonal personal conversations, I’ve managed to pester stalk converse with Pete on a semi-regular basis.

Which leads me to sharing with you probably the strangest twitter conversation I’ve ever had…

See, he has a thing for Zombies. The first album contains a song “Zombie Me” that is downright hysterical and full of awesome. He’s also got a whole set of cool zombie art on his website.

All the Zombies in the house say "uuuuhhhhhhh...."

That background leads to this conversation that took place this past week (read from the bottom up, as Tweetie puts things in reverse chronological order):

Zombie Socks, WTF?

Zombie Socks, WTF?

Yes, I know, I am a total dork. I’m ok with that.

So that brings us to today.

I pre-ordered “And The Flying Boombox” (and albums from two other bands that sounded intriguing, “Aranda” and “Soular”) from the Astonish store. The album won’t be released until Tuesday, May 12th, but I received mine today.

And as a special bonus, Pete threw in an extra copy.

The new album "And the Flying Boombox" from No More Kings available May 12, 2009

I’ve decided to give it away to the person who leaves in the comments of this post the strangest (out of context) tweet they’ve sent. Funny, sad, just plain weird… whatever. I want to know that my talking about zombie socks isn’t the weirdest thing out there.

You’ve got until Tuesday to send out your strange tweets (if you want to get real creative between now and then) and leave them here in comments. Multiple entries are allowed.

Sure you could just wait until Tuesday to buy your own copy (and you should, it’s GREAT)… OR you could download the song “Obey the Groove” by No More Kings for free right now.

But then you wouldn’t get the bragging rights of getting rewarded for having sent the strangest tweet.

And I’m eager to share that title.


By the way, you can follow me on twitter @jestertunes, or friend me on facebook.

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Apr 29

American Idol Season 8: Top Five Perform

I like the idea of getting rid of two contestants a week. It really clears the stage for a decent show.

Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai went home last week. Exactly like I called it.

I love it when I’m right.


Tonight the top 5 are tackling standards from “The Rat Pack” era. This week should show some great reinterpretations of some of the best songs ever written, and I’m looking forward to Kris and Adam the most. I hope they don’t disappoint.

Then mentor this week for the Rat Pack standards is… Jamie Foxx!?


Tony Bennett, Michael Buble, Jamie Cullum, Harry Connick Jr., Natalie Cole, Queen Latifah… any of these would be a better fucking choice than Jamie Foxx. I mean, sure, he was great in Ray, but he was imitating Ray Charles.

I don’t get it.


Kris Allen takes the stage first with “The Way You Look Tonight.” He’s picked the perfect song to highlight his ability to eye fuck the 13 year olds at home. He’s awfully cute. I don’t think he’s any real danger of going home with this performance, but I really wasn’t a fan of the arrangement. The beginning was the more legato and romantic style, suddenly it picked up the tempo and became a swing number before falling back into the romantic legato. This song would have been really nice had he stuck to one style. Either one would have worked, but combining the two really made the performance a bit awkward. He sang it well and sufficiently moistened the teenagers. So all in all, it wasn’t a bad thing. Randy thought it was his best performance to date. Kara thought he set a standard for technical ability incredibly high. She called him the “dark horse.” Paula called him a “sophisticated gentleman.” Simon wasn’t as enthusiastic, he thought it was safe and nice, but not incredible.

Allison Iraheta, who celebrated her 17th birthday yesterday, is up next with “Someone to Watch Over Me.” This is such a beautiful Gershwin song. My favorite version is performed by Nancy Wilson. You know I’ve been pretty tough on Allison this season, especially when she picks songs that are just too mature for such a young singer. I have to say that this is by far my favorite performance from her. She didn’t fall into that Christina Aguilera imitation where she tries to fit 37 notes into a single measure… She had great control and pitch, and the slight changes to the melody kept it interesting. While I still don’t feel like she totally connected to the song emotionally, this is definitely the first time that I’ve liked her performance enough to think she could be a successful artist. Randy thought it was “the bomb.” Kara doesn’t think she’s in any danger of going home. Paula thought she delivered an innocent sensibility. Simon thought it was a great performance, but he doesn’t think she believes she can win. He thinks Allison may be in danger tonight.

Matt Giraud has picked another fantastic song, “My Funny Valentine.” Matt is definitely in his element tonight. He’s rocked the swinger look and vibe all season, and he didn’t disappoint with his version of this classic. While I would not have interpreted the verse of the song in quite the same way he did, it seemed to fit. He’s been the most authentic to the genre so far tonight. Randy thought it was just a touch pitchy, but it was an incredibly hard song to sing. Kara didn’t feel like Matt was emotionally connected to the song. Paula loved his interpretation and disagreed with Kara, saying she felt the connection. She said it was “excellent.” Simon thought it was “authentic.” He compared his song phrasing to Nat King Cole‘s. (Anyone that knows me, knows that Nat King Cole is one of my heroes. If I were to ever have a male child, his name would be “Nathaniel Cole.”)

Danny Gokey is up to perform the same song he’s performed the past six weeks. He just changes the lyrics. He will be using the lyrics to “Come Rain or Come Shine.” *Yawn* Pitch was fine. His interpretation was predictably ok. His performance was better than the past several weeks… but still, *Yawn.* Randy thought he could have an album of standards and win. Kara said she has been missing the swagger, and tonight he found his swagger. Paula called it “stellar.” Simon thought his swagger and confidence could help him win. He called it “outstanding.”

Adam Lambert closes the show with “Feeling Good.” This is like the PERFECT song for him. It’s got built-in theatrics and a great melody for him to jump all over. He has proven week after week that he can pick the right song, inject it with the right amount of Adam juice and play to his strengths. It’s like he makes the perfect sandwich… he starts with great ingredients, injects just enough cheese for entertainment, but you can’t help but notice that the meat and bread is outstanding. Yes, there’s cheese, but it works. (That’s my attempt at talking like Simon.) His pitch is absolutely impeccable. Randy thought it was a little too theatrical and broadway, but it was a great performance. Kara thought it was shocking and confusing in a good way. Paula says he makes her feel better than good. She compared him to Michael Phelps in our olympics. Simon knows he wants to win and entertain.

It’s getting to be that time in the season where it gets harder and harder to rank them. Each contestant has a strength that isn’t necessarily matched or bested by another. At this point, any one of these performers can and probably will have a recording career.

There is also a bit of game strategy that comes into play here. Kris is such a wildcard, in that he doesn’t have a voice that is as strong as Danny or Adam, but if by some fluke Danny were to get voted off, the votes that he normally gets will almost definitely start falling for Kris, who’s playing to that same audience of middle America church goers that don’t want to vote for an openly *gasp* homosexual artist. In that case, Kris could totally upset the show and beat Adam in the finale. Conversely, losing Kris may actually put Danny in the position to beat Adam.

Here’s my ranking (coincidentally, this is how I think the season will play out, not necessarily how I think it SHOULD, however):

  1. Adam Lambert
  2. Danny Gokey
  3. Kris Allen
  4. Matt Giraud
  5. Allison Iraheta
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Apr 20

Retro Rock It Videos from This Weekend

You may know that I play in a couple of bands. One of them, Retro Rock It, played a gig this weekend and band friend Sarah took some videos of us that I’m sharing with you here.



Wild Nights by Van Morrison:

Jenny (867-5309) by Tommy Tutone:

Rosanna by Toto:

Hard to Handle by Black Crows/Otis Redding:

You should totally come see us sometime.

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Mar 26

American Idol Season 8: Top 10 Perform

Last week saw the too early departure of Alexis Grace. She couldn’t have won, but she was certainly the 2nd best girl in the competition. She surely needed to stick around longer than Megan. But what are ya gonna do?


It’s Motown night. Fantastic, classic songs with familiar melodies… it will be very easy to fuck this up.

It boggles my mind that Motown is celebrating its 50 year anniversary.

The Idols got to go to Detroit and meet Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy. Smokey is one of my personal heroes so I’m happy to see that he’s the mentor this week.

Matt Giraud is up first with “Let’s Get It On” by the late great Marvin Gaye. Smokey says Matt’s version would have floored Marvin. Let’s just see, shall we? He started out at the piano, then moved away from it. He seems to have a bit of trouble with his pitch when he stands up. That happens a lot to people are used to singing while sitting down. The middle section of the song was a touch rough, but the start and end were great. He’s got a great falsetto and he didn’t change the melody so much that it makes me want to smack him. Randy thinks Matt is a challenger for the top spot. Kara likes how he came out of his shell and stepped out from the piano. Paula said he has a sexy cool vibe. She complimented his respect for the melody. Simon called it a brilliant choice of song and a cool performance. He also agreed that Matt is a front runner in the competition.

Kris Allen is next with “How Sweet It Is,” another Marvin Gaye song. Smokey says the performance “blew me away.” It’s hard to find much to say about this performance. I mean, he’s very cute, he’s got a nice voice, he plays the guitar… He does all those things well…. but not OUTSTANDINGLY well. I just don’t think he’s done anything to write home about. Kara thought he put his mark on the song… what? Paula thought it was a brilliant performance. Simon called it “smart” to do his version of the song. He says Kris needs to get more confidence and swagger. Randy said it was a consistent performance. Wow… that’s what I was trying to say.

Scott MacIntyre is on deck to sing “You Can’t Hurry Love” by Diana Ross and the Supremes. He talked about how hard it is to take a popular girl song and sing it when you’re a guy. I think he’s forgetting Phil Collins’ version. Also, a good song knows no gender. Jackass. Ok. I’m ready for him to go home. I’ve already heard everything he can do. He’s going to be fine as a contemporary Christian artist who spits out lots of “edgy” piano/singer/songwriter hits that might cross over to the AC radio stations. He had some bad notes and it was just blah. Paula thought it was a great performance that he obviously felt. Simon thinks it was the wrong song, and it came across as a bit cheap. Randy called it a “hotel-kind of performance.” He called it “very average.” Kara thought it was great that he brought an uptempo song. She said the execution was not perfect.

Megan Joy Corkery is here to destroy my love of Motown. And she’s picked “For Once in my Life.” Stevie Wonder should leave the room immediately. Smokey said, “You are so different!” Boy oh boy.

[pardon me, I need to make a phone call…]

Operator: 911, what is your emergency?

Jester: Yes, can you please send someone to the Staples Center immediately? I’d like to report a murder.

Operator: A murder?

Jester: Yes. Megan Joy has left the bloody decapitated carcass of a Stevie Wonder song on the stage. It’s a bloodbath.

Operator: *typing* a bloodbath, you say?

Jester: Yes. It looks like Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Jason have all been in there just hacking away at this poor thing.

Operator: Thank you for the call, sir. We have officers responding already. Yours is the 13,274th call we’ve received in the past hour. Ryan Seacrest was the first caller.

Jester: I hope she gets the chair for this.

Randy called this performance a “train wreck, rushed, hectic.” Kara thinks she should have picked “My Guy.” She said the phrasing was weird, the rhythm was bizarre. Paula could really only remark that she is stunningly beautiful. Simon called it “horrible, an atrocious song, a terrible arrangement.” FINALLY the judges have come to their senses!

Anoop Desai gets to follow that ridiculous number. He’s picked “Ooo Baby Baby” by Smokey Robinson. This song is incredibly high, and requires a strong falsetto and has to be just pitch perfect. Smokey thought he did a great job. I have to say Anoop is making this song look really easy. His control and phrasing is spot on. His minor changes to the melody were nice, and his ending note was just beautiful. Again, he’s got to stop dressing like a fucking frat boy… Kara thought he did a “pretty good job” with an incredibly hard song. Paula wants to see more confidence, but thought his phrasing, delivery and falsetto was “spot on and sweet.” Simon thought it was a great vocal, but he needs to work on his showmanship. Randy said the falsetto was a bit pitchy, but it was a good performance.

Michael Sarver didn’t get to travel to Detroit since he was very sick last week. Poor guy. Michael has chosen “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg” by The Temptations. Smokey thought he needed to hammer the song a bit more. I’m kinda tired of this guy, too. I’ve seen every trick in his book, and I’m not impressed. I hated his interpretation of this song. It doesn’t help that he is all over the place with his pitch. It almost seems like he’s worrying too much about his “sexy” faces than the song. Paula called it a “tough performance that was kinda Las Vegas-y.” Simon said he couldn’t wait for it to end. He also said that Michael has no chance of winning because he just isn’t good enough. Randy said the song was just too big for him, and he doesn’t have the R&B chops to do what he was trying to do. Kara said the competition is now more about artistry than singing, and Michael didn’t show any artistry.

Lil Rounds is here to sing “Heatwave” by Martha and the Vandellas. Smokey says she could sing the phone book. She looks so cute tonight with her long hair, fringe dress, and dangling earrings. She is so much more in her element tonight than she was for country night last week. She sang the hell out of this song. Her phrasing was a bit strange in places, like it was too fast for her perhaps. Randy thought the first half of the song wasn’t great, and thought the song was too fast for her. Kara didn’t think she picked the right song. Paula thought her performance was great and Lil owned the song. Simon called it “authentic” but didn’t think the song gave her a good “moment.” Simon reminded everyone that Lil is one of the best singers in the competition, just didn’t pick the right song.

Adam Lambert is fully embracing his strong resemblance to Elvis Presley tonight. Seriously, he looks JUST like him from some angles. He’s picked “The Tracks of My Tears.” Smokey said he’s never heard that song done that way, and that’s a good thing. The stripped down band with the drum box and guitarist is a nice switch for him. It’s sweet, tender, controlled, perfectly in key, and by far the best thing heard tonight. I seriously think Adam is the one to beat, and after a performance like this one, which received a standing ovation from Smokey Robinson himself, it’s going to be hard for the others to catch up. Kara stood up and called it awesome. Paula called him “completely in his own league.” Simon called it “The best performance of the night.” He said Adam has emerged as a star tonight. Randy said “Unbelievably hot.”

Danny Gokey picked “Get Ready” by The Temptations. Smokey thought he was fantastic. He’s made a terrible mistake that other Idol performers have made in the past… he’s disregarded the advice of the mentor by not singing the “you’re outta sight” part with the background vocalists. Hopefully that doesn’t bite him in the ass. His performance was a lot of fun but bordered on frantic. He was all over the stage. It bugs me that he takes breaths in weird spots on occasion, but I really love the tone of his voice and the bluesy elements he added to the melody. Another solid performance. Paula called it a “first class performance.” Simon thought it was “clumsy and amateurish.” Randy said he reminds him of Levi Stubbs. Kara thought it was “good, not great.”

Allison Iraheta is the last performer tonight, she’s doing “Papa Was A Rollin Stone” by The Temptations. Smokey thought she sang it her way and would do well. I absolutely HATE this song with the passion of a thousand burning suns. It’s almost a-melodic and the story is just depressing and sad. That being said, the notes of the song that actually exist were done really well. I think the judges are going to eat this up. All I see is yet another 16 year old Christina Aguilera wannabe who will probably sell a million records but will just disappear when she gets next to the real Christina. The audience is on its feet for her. Randy called it “blazing hot.” Kara called it “Amazing!” Paula called her “awesome.” Simon called her a “survivor” and said it was one of her best performances ever.

Ok, here’s my ranking:

  1. Adam Lambert
  2. Anoop Desai
  3. Allison Iraheta
  4. Matt Giraud
  5. Danny Gokey
  6. Kris Allen
  7. Lil Rounds
  8. Scott MacIntyre
  9. Michael Sarver
  10. Megan Joy Corkery

Ok… your turn… who’s going home?

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Oct 23

Jester and Lisa should be in advertising…

Jester: random item: my iPod is in a FANTASTIC mood today
Lisa: ha…why is that
Jester: i don’t know… it’s on shuffle but is picking GREAT songs…usually I skip a lot
Lisa: I love it when that happens
Jester: or it gets in Country mood
Lisa: ha
Jester: it was in classical mood on Friday
Lisa: ooh that’s not so great
Jester: today it’s playing all this really groovy upbeat stuff
Lisa: that’s awesome. I have just been listening to the new songs for Total Eclipse on repeat

[snip conversation all about Billy Squire]

Jester: Did you mention you want Total Eclipse to do Bon Jovi’s You Give Love a Bad Name?
Lisa: YES
Jester: i heard it this morning on my happy iPod and was like.. yeah, we could do this
Lisa: we totally could
Jester: it’s playing Love Shack right now… seriously it’s happy. I don’t know how else to explain it
Lisa: ha…it sure is! maybe it got some last night…did you notice any other electronics in a particularly good mood?
Jester: Well my alarm clock DID seem a bit spritely this morning
Lisa: HAAA
Jester: I wonder if I can encourage them to do that more often and perhaps multiply? i could be rich!
Lisa: what puts electronics in the mood?
Jester: I did hear a Barry White song last night
Lisa: ha!
Jester: and you know he has a powerful hold over the sexual universe
Lisa: it’s true… that’s baby making music
Jester: maybe when I get home there will be an iPod Nano waiting for me
Lisa: HAAAA! what’s the gestation period though? Maybe you’ll get one in a few months
Jester: I don’t know… perhaps I could encourage a menage a trois with the phone and get an iPhone out of the deal next summer
Lisa: oh my god…hilarious! I feel like that should be the commercial for the iphone! the ipod and the cell start having a secret romance
Jester: on top of a laptop mac
Lisa: yes…totally
Jester: we really should work on that online marketing company
Lisa: I know. Wait, when are we going to start writing and recording jingles?!
Jester: as soon as I get that website done
Lisa: what website?
Lisa: what’s that?
Jester: it’s the design company i’m starting
Lisa: nice!!!
Jester: my friend Dan and I are doing our first OFFICIAL contract job right now
Lisa: that’s great!
Jester: and i’ll put it up as a portfolio site so I can do the main company site and incorporate
Lisa: wow…that’s so great!
Jester: And then we’ll be good to go. and I seriously want to do some jingles and some musical introductions for pod/video casts
Lisa: Well, if you need any help I’m in!!!
Jester: of course. that’s been the plan all along
Lisa: that would be so fun
Jester: no kidding!
Lisa: now I have various jingles stuck in my head
Jester: hahah. I”m listening to Yummy Yummy Yummy now.
Lisa: oh that’s a fun one
Jester: i’m telling you, that alarm clock must have been a FINE piece of circuitry.
Lisa: HA…some serious electronic Boo-tay
Jester: Just hope they were safe.. I don’t need any computer viruses
Lisa: HAAAA…oh my god..I’m cracking up
Jester: this is totally going on the blog.
Lisa: it really should
Lisa: It should really be the commercial. I feel like we need to pitch that to apple.

Aug 31

The Record Contract; Part IV: The Gathering

I was pleasantly surprised when I first opened the door leading into the rehearsal studio. I was the first to arrive and could take in the quiet and bask in the heady smell of the polished wood floor. Delious and Jeff soon arrived with Jerimy Koeltzow and Doug Urie from Oklahoma. I was noodling around on the piano while they got settled in.

We sort of spontaneously struck up a Vince Gill song, “Go Rest High on that Mountain.” A beautifully haunting melody with traditional bluegrass-style harmonies. As we hit the chorus, Stephen Parker entered and joined in with his high tenor part. Matthew Hayes arrived adding a perfect third below my lead. Jerimy rounded out the bass, and Doug struggled to find his way in before stopping altogether, foretelling some issues we would have later in the studio. Doug was absolutely unable to find a harmony part. He could sing lead, he had a decent voice, but when it came to singing a different part, he was lost.

When the song was over, we realized that Delious and Jeff were staring openly at us. There was a moment of awkward silence before Delious spoke up and said, “Magic.”

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