Dec 15

Peter Gabriel Rocks

Ok.. so it’s been a few days… it’s a new thing… can’t quite remember to do it yet.. but I’m working on it… So.. last night.. saw Peter Gabriel in concert… now I’ve always enjoyed his music, but for some reason, never really became a *fan.* That’s changed now… talk about a powerful show… the man is either mad or a complete genius. I’ve often said there is a fine line between the two. He sang one song upside down hanging from a scaffolding.. did another inside a giant inflatable hamster ball… the lighting and effects and rotating stage was amazing.. and his voice was dead on. Great show.. I highly recommend seeing it.

Dec 09

First Post Ever. Whoo Hoo.

I know it’s kinda cliche’ but I’m going to try running a blogger page on my site. It will be nice to have something under the “thoughts” link that has sat empty for so long. I keep intending to publish some of my essays on various crapola to that link, but for now, a blog will do. Yes, as a matter of fact, this *is* just so I can read my own work, blow my own horn, and feel self-important. What’s it to you!?