Apr 19


If you’ve stopped by the old blogstead recently you may have noticed that I was trying on some new themes to see if I liked anything. Seems I found one that needed almost no changes.

Look, I can build one from scratch and have done it several times, but if someone else designs something that I like, why fuck with success?

I know some of you will hate it. “It’s too bright!” “Blech!”

I like it, so you can figure out how much I care.

I also took the opportunity to put my mascot in some new clothes. I totally took the jester that Dave from Blogography drew for me last year and used him as the inspiration.

I had the worst time drawing that silly jester hat in the past. Dave had a much better approach than mine. My attempts to draw that hat in the past always ended up looking too much like a crown, which really wasn’t the goal.

So thanks, Dave for the inspiration!

While doing this facelift I’ve also switched out a lot of the plugins and widgets I was using. If you notice anything that doesn’t look quite right, let me know…

AND while doing that, I have been looking at a lot of old posts, which has made me realize that I miss writing here on a regular basis. I have to learn how to really walk that fine line between writing here and not blowing my wad in 140 characters on Twitter.

Wish me luck.

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May 30

Yes, I know

I’m a professional web designer who has resorted to putting up a stock theme on his blog.

I don’t have time to build a new one from scratch and I was getting so pissed at the last theme that I could hardly bring myself to write a post on it.

I actually like this one. I’ve tweaked it so that my little jester fellow is back. I’m going to be changing his clothes soon. I’ll probably do some minor color adjustments and stuff, but I’m gonna live with this one for a while.

At least until I get to work and view it on a PC running Explorer and I decide that I want to take up crab fishing for a living instead.

Mar 25

You May Have Noticed

If you came directly to the site rather than accessing via the feed, you probably noticed that things look a bit different around here.

You may remember a few weeks ago that you all voted that it was time to get a new theme. I finally got the chance this weekend to sit down and design one.

I also went through and cleaned up the plugins that I was using, so things should move a bit faster around here.

What do you think?

Jan 12

Blog Milestone

Last night my great friend, Dan, otherwise known as either TopNCal or AGayGeek left a comment…

It was number 5000.

Way cool.

Jan 06


So, there are a couple of days left to make your nominations for the 2008 Bloggies. I have several sites I’m nominating…The deadline is January 11, 2008.

Can any of you think of a site that you might nominate in several categories, such as Best GLBT Website, or Blog of the Year, or any of the other many categories? Cause it would be totally awesome if you clicked over to do that.

You know, if you can think of any worthy sites.

* This post brought to you by TIAPA (The International Association of Passive-Aggressives).

Dec 24

Most Entertaining

New York City Watch Dog named me one of the “Most Entertaining Bloggers of 2007” this week. I’m honored to be on the list with other great bloggers like Avitable and Mr. Fabulous (and the rest!).

Here’s what NYCWD had to say about me:

You would think that a blog called Jestertunes would be a barrel of laughs, right? Well it is! Although Jester is not like your average humor blogger. In fact I’m not even sure you would consider him a humor blogger. He is more of your musically inclined variety blogger (variety being the spice of life people… unless you’re on Arakis) with a very unique way of looking at things that can be humorous if looked at a certain way. His uniqueness is by far one of his most endearing qualities.

I’m “very unique” and my “uniqueness” is endearing?

Here I was trying to conform to the rest of the world, and I have failed miserably!

I’ve always thought I would be good at hosting a variety show on television. Who knew that I already had my own version of Donny and Marie right here!?

Thanks Watch Dog!

Click the ultra-cool banner below to check out the rest of the “Most Entertaining Bloggers of 2007.”

2007 Most Entertaining Blogger

Dec 14

More Shameless Self Promotion

I’m excited and relieved to finally be finished with this project. It took a lot of work, way more than I expected, but I have to say it is one of my favorite designs.

Not to blow my own horn (cause I totally would if I could reach), but I think it looks pretty damn awesome. And the code is so much cleaner than anything I’ve done before, thanks to the guru that is Dan.

Even if you’re not in the market (at the moment) for a San Francisco Wine Country Tour, click over and check it out. And if you ever do decide to book one of these great tours, tell them I sent you. I think they’ll be happy to give you a discount.

Your feedback is of course welcome. You know I treasure your opinions. 🙂

Dec 10

A vote for me…

… is a vote for Christmas Colon Cleansing!

I’ve added links to all the participants of the Mystery Topic Challenge to my entry in the contest: The Christmas Colonic. Please go check them all out, and don’t forget to vote!

The Christmas Ninja presents The Mystery Challenge #5! The topic was proposed by Scott of Scott-O-Rama, the winner of MTC #4. Below you will find all the entries for this challenge. Please visit and read them all. Once you’ve read all the entries, please vote for your favorite. Members of the forum may vote in the poll HERE. Guests can place their vote in this thread HERE. Voting concludes on Dec. 16th.

Read – Robby Rational: Holiday Traditions
Read – Peter Namtvedt: What are your favorite holiday traditions and why?
Read – Uninhabited Man: Mystery Topic Challenge #5: What are your favorite holiday traditions and why?

Read – Jester: The Christmas Colonic
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Dec 04

The Mystery Topic Challenge Topic Announcement

What’s that behind you? Are those sleigh bells you hear? Did you see something? I think it was wearing red…could it be the Christmas Ninja? Happy Holidays from the BlogNinjas. They are the crazy internet group behind the MTC. The members rock the blogosphere in varying degrees, and can sneak up behind you in a moments notice. You can join the clandestine group after undergoing a severe and heavily scrutinized Blog Ninja review that verifies your actual existence and BN worthiness (basically, we read your blog). Post an entry, vote, maybe win, and you may be selecting the next topic. It’s like a blog party.

Click here to join.

The topic, chosen by my good friend Scott is: “What are your favorite holiday traditions, and why?”

The posting deadline is Sunday, Dec 9th.

Dec 03

Joe Webb Guitars Opens Shop

In a shameless plug of self-promotion, i’d like to point everyone to my friend Joe’s guitar repair shop. He asked me to do a website for him, and I finally got around to finishing it.

Stop by and have a look, even if you don’t live around here, just to be nice! Maybe you could leave him a note on the contact page to let him know that I did a fantastic job. 🙂

Of course it’s all about me.