Dec 08

Look at That, It’s December 8th Again.

I was totally going to do a recap of The Jester Show from last night. But Dave beat me to it, so you could click over there and check it out…

In the meantime, you could read my post from 2006 about December 8, 1980.

Dec 05

The Rumors Are True

You might have heard some rumblings around the internet (clearly this news is epic and the ENTIRE internet is hanging on every bit of Jester news available) that there might be a new episode of The Jester Show in the works.

It’s true.

Not only is there there a show in the works, the guest is none other than one of the few internet celebrities that is bigger than me.

That’s right…. it’s Dave from Blogography!

He even confirms that he’ll be gracing me with his presence on his latest blog post:

So if The Jester Show is kind of your thing, and let’s not kid ourselves, it is… join us won’t you?

Jestertunes Radio

Jestertunes Radio

Don’t miss it – Monday at 6:30PM Pacific on Talkshoe.

If there are any topic you’d like us to discuss, please let me know in comments… better yet, call in and join in on the show!

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Feb 04

The Jester Show: Authors of the “I Do” Anthology Edition

Tonight’s the night we get to talk to several of the authors and the editor of “I Do” an anthology in support of marriage equality!

I’ve had a couple of days to read through the book, and so far it’s got a little bit of everything for everyone. Whether you enjoy sci-fi/fantasy stories, romance, vampires, or anything with a rainbow slant, you’re sure to find a story in the book that you enjoy.

The proceeds of this book are being donated to Lambda Legal Fund, an organization instrumental in the continued fight against the infamous California Proposition 8, which attempts to nullify thousands of marriages already performed in the state.

You may have heard me talk a little bit about Prop 8 around election time.


Here’s the book description from the website:

21 authors contributing 20 stories of love and commitment

I Do! An anthology in support of marriage equalityDo you support the right of any human being to marry the person they love? The right to say ‘I Do’ to a life of commitment and sharing with that one special person? We do.

We hope that marriage will soon be a dream that everyone can share. That’s why the following authors of LGBT fiction have donated stories to this anthology, in aid of Lambda Legal Fund’s fight for marriage equality:

Tracey Pennington, Alex Beecroft, Charlie Cochrane, Clare London, Storm Grant, Lisabet Sarai, Sharon Maria Bidwell, Jeanne Barrack, Marquesate, Z.A Maxfield, P.A Brown, Allison Wonderland, Erastes, Zoe Nichols and Cassidy Ryan, Emma Collingwood, Mallory Path, Jerry L. Wheeler, Moondancer Drake, Fiona Glass, Lee Rowan.

All profits from the sale of this anthology will be donated to the Lambda Legal Defense to fight Prop 8 in support of marriage equality for all.

You can read more about the book, and even get a steamy excerpt at the ManLoveRomance Press I Do page.

And of course, you simply MUST join us for what I’m sure is going to be an interesting conversation tonight on The Jester Show. There is a link to the show in the sidebar, you can just go to The Jester Show on TalkShoe homepage.

If you can’t make the show tonight at 7PM Pacific/10PM Eastern, be sure to listen to the archive, or better yet, subscribe to the show in iTunes and never miss another Jester Show!

Jul 16

Making an Effort

In case any one is wondering, I am trying to make more of an effort at writing something on my blog instead of relying on easy posts like Friday Hotness and Caption Me entries.

Somedays I’ve got it.

Somedays I don’t.

Today is one of those days.

Be sure you tune in for tonight’s Jester Show at 10pm Eastern. My special guest is a close personal non-blogger friend who I’ve known for many years. Leayn is an inner-city music teacher, studio owner, and a fag hag from WAY back.

I mean she’s old.

I mean… she’s not old, she’s seasoned.



Jul 09

Hot Chick Pics! (Jester Show Reminder)

You all keep emailing me saying, “Hey! That chick is HOT! Who is she!?”

And I keep saying, “Umm… didn’t you read my last fucking post!?”

And you all keep saying, “Umm… There were words on that post?”


At any rate, Tracy, my special guest on The Jester Show tonight (7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern), sent over some more pictures for your arousal perusal… I added them to my Flickr Account.

You can call into the show at: (724) 444-7444 and use the call id: 20116.

Oh yeah, there might be another show on before mine… some little thing that I think Miss Britt and Avitable have talked about. I don’t know anything about it though, since they didn’t link through to me or anything.

Jul 09

The Jester Show: Hot Chick Edition

This week on a special edition of The Jester Show, I’m gonna introduce you all to one of the most stunning, rocking chicks I’ve ever met.

Tracy and I became friends in 6th grade. 1986. Holy Hell’s bells. That was 22 years ago.

I can’t even believe I can say that I’ve known someone that long. And I’ve known some people even longer, but not many.

Tracy and I used to spend countless hours dancing, singing, riding our bikes, and otherwise terrorizing our southern Missouri neighborhood. A fag and his hag. Before we even knew what that meant.

Here she is in 1989:
Tracy Peace circa 1989

And here she is now:
Tracy Peace 2006

I know you want to see more of her, you can check out the Tracy Peace Photo Album, and be sure to tune in tonight at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT to talk to her and hear what I can only imagine to be some truly embarrassing stories about yours truly.


Rumor has it that there’s a new show debuting tomorrow night on Talkshoe at 6PM PDT/9PM EDT. If you’re keeping track, that’s merely an hour before The Jester Show airs…. Though you wouldn’t know it by the fact that neither of them bothered to plug MY show to their readers or anything. I mean, clearly, they’re retarded.

Wed's at 9PM ET

Jun 29


I feel like I am terribly behind on my blog posting duties lately and thusly, I’m offering you the following bulleted list of things I keep forgetting to mention:

  • One day last week, I discovered that I had gone to work and out to dinner and lounged around the house with my boxer briefs on backwards.
  • The very next day, I ripped a hole in the crotch of one of my favorite pairs of jeans.
  • The day after THAT I dumped half of my soda on my chest and belly while sitting by myself at Rubio’s Tacqueria.
  • I should no longer be allowed to dress myself.
  • Or consume food or drink in public.
  • Recently, I was nominated “Biggest Asshole in the Blogosphere.” It was close race, but I graciously concede, as I am just happy to be nominated.
  • Also, someone, has developed her own “Kinsey Scale of Attention Whoredom.” I’m quite happy to say that I am a total 6 on the 0-6 scale, and therefore set the bar for all the rest of you.
  • While I don’t plan for it to happen, it seems there is a high demand for Jester Shows. So… what the masses want, the masses get.
  • By masses, I mean the 12 of you who follow me to every show and ask me on twitter, IM, and email if I’m having a show.
  • Speaking of shows, Wednesday’s show with Howard was hysterical, as usual.
  • Howard announced that he has been proclaimed “Cancer Free” though he still has a round of chemo (or two) to endure.
  • I’m getting really annoyed by all the twitter outages. If you build it, they will come, if you fuck it up, you’d better just pack it in.
  • Total Eclipse played a gig tonight in Rocklin. Afterwards, we learned that it was televised.
  • An hour or two after the performance, a woman approached us, told us she saw us on tv and loved us and we inspired her to come out to the festival.
  • We were in a crowd of like 30,000 people.
  • We were recognized and approached many times in this large crowd, and everyone had nothing but great things to say about us.
  • That’s so fucking cool.

Here’s Thursday night’s Jester show:

Jun 25

The Monday Why Not? Edition of The Jester Show

Seriously? I got home from dinner Monday night and had an inbox, twitterbox, and IMs full of people wanting to know if I was gonna host a show.

So of course I did. I can’t let my peoples down!

I’m happy to say the show has returned to its normal state of barely-controlled chaos encompassing all subjects from blogging to anal sex to blogging about anal sex.

I was going to write a better recap here, but I see that PrincePessa has already done so. Buzz over there to see what she had to say about it.

And you can listen to it at the bottom of this post. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chat transcript last night. But really, you should have been there to read the chat live if you feel you’re missing out.

Wanna know when the next spontaneous show is gonna happen? Well I can’t plan it, otherwise it’s no longer spontaneous. Instead, you should follow me on Twitter and you’ll know the minute a new show starts.

My REGULAR show will air Wednesday (tonight!), when my co-host will be the ever-fabulous, super hot and witty Howard from TheWebPen.Net. Show starts at 7pm PDT/10pm EDT.

Jun 23

The Jester Show – Late Sunday Passive Aggressive Edition

If you missed any of the Sunday Radio Block yesterday, this probably won’t entertain you very much. If however, you were around for the drunken train wreck, passive aggressive insults (and subsequent denial of passive aggressive behavior), and the sic-ing of the gestapo on the boys at CrotchShotRadio, you’ll likely get a kick from this.

Here’s the Chat Log.

Jun 19

The Jester Show – BRAW Edition

It was supposed to be all about you dear readers and listeners calling in and asking me questions, lobbing insults, telling me how wonderful and entertaining I am.

Instead, it was a lot of discussion about the state of blogosphere in general, fundamentalists on Miss Britt’s site, the fact they are scared to visit Avitable, and the revelation that Snackiepoo often masturbates at work and has learned that she can type “stewardesses” with only one hand.

So it was a typical show.

Check it out here:

Tune in next week when my guest is the wonderful Howard from TheWebPen.Net in a post-chemotherapy stupor.