Apr 04

A Funny Conversation About Worms

Him: I wonder if I have roundworms, haha. what’re the symptoms??
Me: have you had any fleas lately?
Him: nope
Me: weight loss, dehydration, lack of luster in your hair and eyes….
Him: (I’m slightly hypoch.; big reason not to go into med school)
Me: nausea…. hypoch?
Him: isn’t hypochondriac the one who always thinks they are coming down with something?
Me: yes.
Him: what kind of worm can I blame for weight gain?
Me: tequila
Aug 20

Beating You to the Punch

Because I know one of you smart asses will do this, I thought I’d beat you to it…



Thanks Squirrelizer!

May 30

Funniest thing you’ll see today

If you haven’t seen any of the “Literal” music video series, you’re totally missing out.

This is my new favorite. Tears in my eyes, even.

Mullet with Headlights!!!!

I’m totally using that the next time we perform this song with my band, Total Eclipse.

Apr 28

Israeli Soldiers Do It In The Butt

You may remember one of the gayest videos I’ve ever seen/posted quite some time ago.

Well a group of Israeli Soldiers have decided to put out their own version of the infamous song. I just couldn’t help myself and had to post it.


Mar 31

A Dramatic Reading

I’ve talked about this website in the past, Fundies Say The Darndest Things, and have read it occasionally when I needed a laugh… of course then I read it a little longer and get very sad.

Any way, this video depicts a dramatic reading of some of my favorite quotes from the site.

I especially love “A Day in the Life of an Atheist.”

Too bad my black robe and hood are at the cleaners.

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Nov 28

Holiday Greeting Videos!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season!

–Love from Jester’s family

And in case you’re in less of a country mood, and more in a disco mood… here’s version 2:

Nov 26

A Craigslist Hot Mess

I am the guy that was going down on your BF – m4m (ft laudy)


Reply to: pers-904757104@craigslist.org [?] Date: 2008-11-03, 7:49PM EST

I was the guy that you caught going down on your boyfriend. While you were screaming at me and trying to punch me I relized that you are much hotter then your boyfriend…..email me and tell me where this happened cause I want to hook up with you

Nov 13

Wait For It…

My boss shared this story with me today that I thought was incredibly amusing.

Her kids were finishing up their bath, when the 4 year old boy started giggling.

“Mason, what’s so funny?”

He whispered loudly, “Mommy, don’t tell Morgan, but I peed in the bathtub.”

“Mason! I’m sure your sister really appreciates you peeing while you are in the bathtub with her. That’s gross!”

Just then, Morgan, the 7 year old piped in, “It’s ok, Mom, I peed when I first got in.”