Jun 27

Friday Hotness

Friday Hotness is here! It was a LONG week. I’ll be at San Francisco Pride this weekend. Hope I don’t get sunburned this year.

Who am I kidding? I get sunburned every year at Pride.

If you’re good boys and girls I’ll get you a picture of me in my kilt.


Jun 20

Friday Hotness

Time for another arousing round of Friday Hotness!

Jun 06

Friday Hotness

So so tired. Big corporate gig on Wednesday was a huge success, but it totally wiped me out. I’m gonna go to bed really early. Like in a few minutes. Thankfully I can post this in advance, right?

Enjoy the Hotness!


May 30

Friday Hotness

Yup, it’s Friday again. That was a really long week. You know what we need? Some hotness.

May 23

Friday Hotness

Since last’s week’s submissions from the fabulous Winterheart (did you catch her on The Jester Show?) were so popular, I’m giving you more! Thanks, Winter!

May 09

Friday Hotness

Hey! Here’s some Friday Hotness!

May 02

Friday Hotness

Here’s your weekly dose of beefcake!

Apr 11

Friday Hotness

Here’s your weekly dose of the hotness!