Mar 05

Web Hosting Questions

So I got an email the other day from someone asking me about that HostGator link in my sidebar… Do I really use them? Do I like them? Do I really recommend them?

Yes, yes I do. I’ve signed up probably a dozen people to that service who have been very happy with them. I put my company on board with several sites, and of course this site is hosted by them.

So yes, I absolutely recommend them for web hosting.

Coincidentally, I got a Review Me offer from a company called Web Hosting Choice that offers hosting plan comparisons.

I haven’t done a sponsored post over here at Jestertunes in a long time, but the coincidence was such that I figured you guys wouldn’t mind too much.

Web Hosting Choice ranks Hostgator as #7 on their top 10.

I don’t know anything about most of the host providers on their list, but I can tell you that I’ve been very pleased with their #7 pick.

If you guys have opinions, I’d be open to hearing them, as I have several websites to set up in the next couple of months and I’m willing to check out the competition. For now, I’m sticking with Hostgator.

And that is how I do a sponsored post.

Feb 13

The following is a paid advertisement for

Out here in California where the traffic levels are truly insane and most people can not afford to live near where they work, the cost of commuting is significant.

Take my situation, for instance: I live 43 miles from my office. On the average traffic day, the trip to work takes around 45 minutes. Coming home, it generally takes me an hour. On occasion, the one way trip from work to home can take up to three hours.

I know. That in itself is insane.

But let’s look at the cost of that commute. I drive a Toyota Matrix that averages 30 mpg. The round trip uses 2.8 gallons of gas.

The cheap gas by my house right now is $3.22/gallon. That means the gas alone costs me $9.01 every day.

I cross a toll bridge on the way home. That’s $4/day.

AAA averages the cost of car ownership, including insurance, taxes, maintenance, etc at $.35/mile. That equals $30.10 per day of driving to work.

The grand total: $43.11. PER DAY! The average work month has 20 days in it. Wanna do the math on that one? No? Ok, fine… I’ll do it.

That’s $862.20 per month.

California has a great RideShare system that allows you to connect with people around you that you could carpool with. Sharing the costs of the commute with just one other person cuts your commute costs in half. Add additional people to the carpool, and you can drop it by even more.

If you’re not in California where you can take advantage of RideShare, you can use the new service provided by They will get you in touch with people in your area who are looking to help offset the costs of their commute.

I carpooled for a couple of years when I first moved here. It was great not having to drive every day, and having someone to talk to when you’re stuck in a ridiculous traffic jam for two hours is almost priceless. offers tons of information on choosing the perfect carpool, how to remain safe, and how to calculate your savings.

Not only can you save money, you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and for once, you can drive in the HOV lane legally.

Nov 27

You’ve seen the video…

now own the tee shirt.

Two Girls Equation Tee Shirt

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May 12

Agloco Reminder

Just a quick reminder: Agloco’s toolbar will be launching very soon.

What, you don’t remember what Agloco is?

Agloco is the company that is going to pay you to surf the internet. You download their toolbar and install it in your browser and go about your business like you normally would. The only difference is that now you’re going to get paid for the time you spend surfing!

How does it work? Well, Agloco is going to share their advertising revenue with you. Companies pay to serve ads on the pages you’re already visiting anyway, and Agloco is going to give you a cut of the profits.

And what is even better, is that they will pay you a percentage of all the money made by people who sign up under you down to 4 levels.

John Chow made over $25,000 with the original version of this software (before the dot com bust).

Are you interested in finding out more about Agloco? Why not join my network and read all about it by clicking on my Jestertunes Agloco Affiliate Link?