Aug 01

Guest Post from Toby: Why I Can Love The Man I Hate

[My regular readers need no introduction to Toby, he’s been participating here for quite a while, and there are stories about him peppered throughout this site. This is his first guest post here at Jestertunes, and likely to be the … Continue reading

Feb 21

12 Girls Who Can Sing (sort of)

It’s the ladies turn tonight. Let’s see if they have a chance in hell of competing with the boys, shall we? So the Idols have been hit by the bad flu that is going around. That is a shame. I … Continue reading

Jan 16

Mystery Topic Challenge – My Choice!

Remember how last month I entered the Mystery Topic Challenge, wrote a post about a holiday colon cleansing, and was stunningly declared the winner? No? Well, it happened. I thought I was the only one with short term memory problems. … Continue reading

Jan 01

Jestertunes: Best of 2007

There are a lot of “Best of” lists going around, being that it’s the end of the year. I decided I wanted to do my own take on the “Best Of” genre and bring you some of my favorite posts, … Continue reading

Oct 08

Caption Me

Welcome to this week’s Caption Me contest. Toby sent this to me via email. (I highly encourage all my friends and readers to send me their funny photo finds for inclusion here!) Once again, this week’s image is probably NSFW.

Jul 07

Caption Me Contest Prize

It has come to my attention that I haven’t yet declared a winner in the recent “Caption Me” contest. If you haven’t seen the contest and had a chance to laugh your ass off yet, you should click over and … Continue reading

Jun 14

Commenter Appreciation

In which Jester gets a little misty eyed… I was thumbing through some old posts tonight and enjoying the early comments that were left by my small but devoted group of participants here at Jestertunes. I can’t believe the number … Continue reading

Mar 29

What’s It All About?

I was just about to turn in for the night morning,** when my Google Reader updated with a new post over at Best Gay Blogs that just so happens to review my site. You can imagine my surprise to see … Continue reading

Mar 16

My Favorite Albums 90’s edition

I was having a discussion with my aunt Celeste the other day about some of the albums that we own that are just amazing from beginning to end. The majority of the albums in my 1200+ collection are probably like … Continue reading

Feb 12

The Dixie Chicks Still Under Fire?

You may recall that I pointed out in my post: Jester’s Music Picks of 2006 that the album “Taking the Long Way Around” by the Dixie Chicks was my favorite for the year. I hate to say “I told you … Continue reading