American Idol Season Ten: Top Seven Sing the 21st Century

The top seven are back to perform songs from the 21st century.

We got to say goodbye to Slim Pickens last week. Wait… his name was Paul McDonald, right? He’s taking his terrible suits and creepy whispers home to scare the town folks.

Can we talk for a second about how god-awful the group number “So What” with the ejected Idols was? Holy shit. Somewhere P!nk is crying into her leotard.

Let’s get to the music, shall we?

Scotty McCreery is doing “Swingin'” but he claims it’s by Leann Rimes. Bullshit. This song came out in 1982 by John Anderson. I cry foul! This is not a 21st century song. It goes against the spirit of the theme and I’m going to be pissy about it. Scotty needs to go the fuck away right now. I just want to climb through the tv and cause him bodily harm. I’m so annoyed by his dumbass smirk and beady little eyes. Just STOP IT NOW. *sigh* I’m sure he’s gonna get a shit load of votes.

James Durbin is wearing something that looks a lot like a straight jacket. He’s picked “Uprising” by Muse. This should be interesting. Drum line entrance? Check. Appropriate Adam Lambert mannerisms? Double check. Screechy cat in a closet high notes? Certainly. Was it entertaining? Definitely.

Haley Reinhart has chosen Adele’s “Rollin’ in the Deep” which is a fantastic song. Adele sings the shit out of this song. Haley is no Adele, but she’s not as terrible as I was expecting. It got better when she stopped trying to mimic the british accent after the first verse. I hated the way it ended, but overall I have to say I don’t want to smack her.

Jacob Lusk has decided to finally do a Luther Vandross song. Seriously, this promises to be torturous for me. Yep… “Dance with my Father.” Maudlin and morose and intentionally sappy. Awesome, I just can’t wait. Really, I don’t think I can express just how much I hate this song. And the fact that Nelly McPreachy is performing it just makes it that much worse. Kill me now.

Casey Abrams is really the reason I am still watching this show this season. If he were to get voted off, my enthusiasm level would drop by about 90%. He’s picked “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon 5. Fantastic. Crazy ass good. He put his style on it – scatting and getting insane on it. Fabulously entertaining.

Stefano Langone picked “Closer” by NeYo. He’s been in the bottom three for several weeks now, so it’s gonna be tough for him to avoid going home this week. His performance ability has improved – he’s dancing a bit more and moving around the stage and showing some confidence. He’s swallowing the end of his phrases which makes it sound a bit strange. He’s still better than Jacob or Scotty.

Lauren Alaina closes the show with “Born to Fly” by Sara Evans. I don’t know what’s going on with her tonight, but she should be kicking this song in the teeth, but she’s not giving it any bite. Those notes are right in the middle of her range and she should be able to belt them, but there’s just no power there. Not doing it for me tonight.

Alrighty – it’s up to you all to vote. What do you think? Who’s going home? I’d love to see Jacob go, but I am afraid Stefano’s number might be up.

One thought on “American Idol Season Ten: Top Seven Sing the 21st Century

  1. My bottom three predictions. Stefano, Jacob, Haley. Stefano, not because he deserves it…but because after all this time, he still has not made any major connection to the audience that I can see. Haley too will not deserve to be there. Actually I think Scotty should be here, right along with Lauren. Scotty and Lauren both went the “safe” route tonight. Neither of their performances were very impressive or explosive. Scotty was a snoozefest tonight and Lauren was equally as boring. However, Middle America loves them a George Bush look alike and a big haired Texan girl, so they ain’t leavin’. So, who else to put in there BUT Haley? You know Casey and James aren’t going to be in the bottom three, so Haley is going to be the natural choice. Jacob will round out the bottom three for the same reason as Haley. Not that he sang poorly, but Scotty and Lauren aren’t leaving, so he will go bottom three.

    And, after those three are comfortably on the stools, it will be Stefano as the sacrificial lamb, despite the fact that he was MUCH better than Scotty or Lauren.

    That said, I am SO sick of that one trick pony that is Scotty. SO sick of his smirk. SO sick of his “What, Me Worry?” face. SO sick of his stupid trademark hold of the microphone. I am sitting home kind of praying that he goes into a second coming of his puberty all of a sudden and that he loses his baritone and starts to squeak like Peter Brady. God, he unnerves me. I know. Terrible way to think about a 16 year old kid…but ARGH, he just makes me want to slap him.

    Speaking of slapping, Naima tonight? Yeah. Could she be more obnoxious the way she jumped around all over the stage like a frenzied monkey who just ate the last banana that was dipped in chocolate flavored cocaine? The bottom six proved WHY they went home first tonight, that’s for sure.

    That song was HORRIBLE, which is strange, because this group of kids usually sound pretty good together. But, oh…I get it! The song! The meaning behind it! So What? I’m Still A Rock Star! Right…I get it!


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