American Idol Season Ten: Top Eleven Redux – Elton John Songs

Last week was a doozy, eh?

I’m surprised that the judges used their save so early in the season, but it really would have been a travesty for the most talented of the contestants to go home this soon. No, Casey might not have the best voice, per se, but the music world is full of shitty singers who don’t have half the guts and creativity that Casey has exhibited.

The theme tonight is Elton John. He’s one of my favorite artists of all time. I got to meet him back in 1997 and was starstruck – probably the only time in my life that’s happened — and I’ve met a lot of celebrities.

We’re gonna start the singing with Baby LockDemDoors Scotty McCreery who picked “Country Comfort.” Scotty encompasses just about everything I don’t like about country music. The smirky delivery of an almost yodeled style. Don’t get me wrong – I like country music. I was raised on it and had a record deal in Nashville for crying out loud… but this style just makes me cringe. Unfortunately, he’s not going to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Naima Adedapo is up next with “I’m Still Standing” with a reggae feel. I think this *could* have been cool… but I’m so distracted by the accent that she has adopted to really tell if it worked or not. I really don’t think reggae fans are watching American Idol. She could be in trouble.

Paul McDonald chose “Rocket Man.” What is his obsession with that Slim Pickens jacket? I’m so over him. This is what would happen if one of the muppets came to life and was handed a guitar. I can’t stand another second of this whisper speak singing. Terrible.

Pia Toscano is performing “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me.” Pia has the dress. Pia has the hair. And Pia has the pipes to win this thing. I don’t think she brought anything particularly new or special to the song, but she sang it beautifully. Ultimately, isn’t that is the most important thing?

Stefano Langone continues to rebuff my advances and offers to carry him around in my pocket. I suppose I’ll have to settle for watching him perform “Tiny Dancer,” one of my favorite EJ songs! I’m not a big fan of his staccato delivery of the verses, but his pitch on those great intervals was perfect. He’s definitely good enough to stick around another week. And the offer still stands; I could use a new pocket buddy.

Lauren Alaina picked “Candle in the Wind.” The verse was surprisingly pretty with the lilt she added to the phrases. She totally lost me in the chorus by over doing the lilt. She nearly moved into full on yodel mode and there is no room in an Elton John tune for yodeling. I suspect the voters will really eat this up, though.

James Durbin chose “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting.” This went exactly how you would expect it to go with the added bonus of setting the piano on fire. He’s a good rock performer. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. This was a typically good showing from the resident hair band front man.

Thia Megia will now bore us to near suicide with her version of “Daniel.” Yes, she’s pretty. Yes, she’s young. Yes, she has a pleasant voice. Yes, I’d rather watch flies fuck on a freshly painted and not-quite-dry wall. Bo-ring.

Casey Abrams has chosen arguably the best of Elton John’s many great songs, “Your Song.” He really needs to turn in a great vocal performance tonight. And did he ever. I seriously teared up. It was sensitive and beautiful. Brilliant.

Jacob Lusk will now flip his head open and warble a version of “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.” Jimmy Iovine didn’t want him to over dramatize this song – yet the stage is covered in fog and dramatic lighting. Coupled with the giant drama queen with a microphone up there, this could beat any Meryl Streep flick. I’m sure this appeals to someone. It’s not me.

Hayley chose “Bennie and the Jets.” Who? Why hasn’t security shown up to take this chick away yet? She’s trying to channel Michelle Pfeiffer in Fabulous Baker Boys with her piano theatrics. She was too busy clearing her throat to sing. Wait? What’s that you say? She was trying to growl notes? I see. It’s kinda sad that this stalker chick has wandered in and performed better than some of the other contestants. I almost liked her.

So what did you think of the Elton John show?

One thought on “American Idol Season Ten: Top Eleven Redux – Elton John Songs

  1. Smarmy, that’s the word that comes to mind when I think of Scott. He had such potential to be this humble and cute country singer but no, he’s SMARMY.

    The reggee, oh god I hated it. The accent drove me crazy too, the whole performance was just WAY too poser for me.

    Agree about Paul, he still bugs me too. I don’t mind the clothes but the whisper singing and something about his voice. He’s way too full of himself, it’s like he thinks he’s got this thing won already.

    Casey, oh god MUCH better and thank god he tamed that beard. So glad they saved him. It’s so nice to see him sing without growling out the whole song.

    Pia, I don’t really care either way. She’s pretty and she can sing but she’s not anything special. She doesn’t have anything that really makes her special. I’d rather someone original that I hate win than someone boring.

    Stefano, I liked him… but that may be because Tiny Dancer is my favorite as well. So there’s a bit of bias there.

    Lauren, loved loved loved it! What was with her little speech though, was she on something? haha

    Thia did nothing for me. I feel bad because they told her to not be so dramatic but she went way in the other direction… it was a snore. Sounded pretty but that’s it.

    Jacob, oi oi oi … he sounds really nasal to me in the beginning. I want to like him but everything about him bothers me. His mouth is HUGE and he does this warbly thing with his lips haha oh god. Fast forwarded through the 2nd half of his performance. It’s just all drama all the time. Way too over the top. Give him a sequined dress, some heels and send him off to the Bird Cage. I hate not liking him because in his interviews and stuff I DO but when he gets on stage, ugggh.

    They jury is still out on Haley for me. I sort of liked her performance this time. I don’t get why they don’t get after her for singing with her eyes closed. They seem to get all over other people for it.

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