American Idol Season 9: Final Two Perform

Ok folks, it all comes down to this.

Casey James is gone and we are choosing between Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze to be the Season 9 winner of American Idol.

Last week was the first show that seemed like it was actually, finally, a competition. It has been a season of a lot of m’eh. There have been very few “moments” of brilliance this season. The competition has been pretty much Crystal and therestofthem. I’m hoping that this does not bite her in the ass with a come from behind victory from Lee. But it all depends on how things go tonight.

They have three songs to perform tonight: their favorite from the season, one chosen by the executive producers, and finally, the song that they will release as a single if they win.

Lee DeWyze is up first. His favorite pick is “The Boxer” by Simon and Garfunkel from “Inspirational Week.” Yeah, I hated it the first time as I recall. Randy didn’t think it was energetic enough. Ellen thought he performed it better than the first time. Kara agreed with Randy that he needed to bring more to it. Simon expected more passion.

Crystal Bowersox chose “Me and Bobby McGee” by Janis Joplin from “Billboard Week.” She definitely brought the energy tonight. She also looks fantastic. This was every bit as good or better than the first time. Randy thought it started it slow but by the end it was “dope.” Ellen thinks she can fill the room with just a guitar. Kara loved it again tonight. Simon said she is back on her best and there’s a real competition tonight.

Lee’s second song tonight is “Everybody Hurts” by REM. He hasn’t really done anything to make this song different. The only change to the arrangement was the addition of the choir. I’m really not feeling it. Randy thought it was pitchy at the start, but improved. Ellen wants to see him get more involved with the song. Kara thought he told a great story. Simon thought it was a brilliant song choice but his nerves were getting the best of him.

Crystal’s next song is “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles. The intro arrangement was pretty cool. Actually, the entire arrangement was pretty cool. Crystal knocked this one out of the fucking park. Randy thinks she’s in it to win it. Ellen called it “Fantastic.” Kara blabbed something ridiculous. Simon is “almost allergic” to that song… but he said she took that song and absolutely nailed it.

Lee’s final song, the song that he will release as a single if he wins is “Beautiful Day” by U2. Since when do they release a cover as the single? What happened to the original?! Do.Not.Like. Lee is no Bono. Lee may be Adam Duritz from Counting Crows, but he is most definitely not Bono. This arrangement is pretty bad… Yeah. Not a fan. Please get off the stage. Randy thought he got his groove in the middle of the song. Ellen thought he was taking all the energy of the room in. Kara thought he got swallowed a bit by the song. Simon thinks Lee exemplifies the purpose of this show, a performer who needs a break.

Crystal’s final song is “Up to the Mountain.” I don’t know this song, but it’s a pretty acoustic jam with a gospel choir. She wins. This was her “moment.” It took a long time to get here, but that was it. The shining moment. Absolutely stunning. Randy called it one of the greatest performances ever on the show and at the perfect time. Ellen can’t compare her to any other contemporary artist. Kara thought she was completely emotionally invested in the song and she has “blossomed.” Simon, in his very last judgement on the show, called it the song of the night and called it “outstanding.”

I don’t think there is much competition. I called it WAAAAAAYYY back at the beginning of the season: Crystal Bowersox is the next American Idol.

The finale is tomorrow night. It’s generally a great show.

Do you think there’s any possibility that Lee will actually win?

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