American Idol Season 9: Semi-Finals

Michael Lynche was sent scuttling back to the gym last week, leaving us with the top 3. Lee Dewyze, Casey James, and Crystal Bowersox.

It’s pretty much the top three I’ve expected, with my personal hope of Siobhan making it this far being a pipe dream.

Just based on everything I’ve seen so far, I think it’s going to come down to Lee and Crystal in the top two. Crystal will win.

This week the contestants got to visit home. I’m gonna pretty much skim over the usual “key to the city, cry on stage, look really tired” video montage if they play them tonight and just get to the singing. I’m sure you can understand, right?

This is the week that the judges pick songs for the contestants and they pick one themselves.

Casey James is up first with “Ok, It’s All Right With Me” by Eric Hutchinson. I like the song… but this is one of those strange picks where if Casey had written it, I would love it… but as a cover, it’s not special. Randy thought the song was “just all right with me.” Ellen doesn’t think he brought enough for this stage of the contest. Kara thought the song choice was bad. Simon compared the performance to the salad course of a meal.

Crystal Bowersox picked a great Melissa Etheridge song, “Come to My Window.” I’m not sure it was her best vocal ever, but it was definitely Crystal doing what she does best. Randy didn’t like the arrangement, but loved her vocal. Ellen thought it was a great song choice (of course) and said that Melissa would be proud of her. Kara missed the moment, but thought it was good. Simon didn’t think it was stunning, but loves that she has not compromised as an artist this season.

Lee Dewyze chose “Simple Man” by Lynrd Skynrd. It was ok… one of the best performances I’ve seen from him. I still find myself wishing I was listening to Adam Duritz from Counting Crows instead. Randy thought it was a brilliant song choice. Ellen rambled about gazelles or something. Kara thought he showed everything he has. Simon called his song choice “on the money.” He said Lee crushed the other two in round one.

Randy and Kara have picked “Daughters” by John Mayer for Casey James to perform. I’m generally a fan of John Mayer but I hate this fucking song. It’s just so boring and sing-songy. Casey has perfectly picked up on the Mayer Mumble. I can’t understand a word. Randy thought the song fit him like a glove. Ellen thought it was beautiful. Kara thought it showed the more sensitive artistic side of Casey. Simon thought it was a good song choice, but thought the arrangement was kinda lazy and sleepy.

Ellen has picked a song for Crystal Bowersox — “Maybe I’m Amazed” by Paul McCartney. This is an awesome choice. It’s almost as if Janis Joplin was resurrected to sing this tonight. Fantastic. Randy thought it was a great song with great vocals. Ellen couldn’t have asked for more. Kara thought we heard parts of her voice we haven’t heard before and commended the risk of not playing an instrument. Simon says she proved she has got soul and she should thank Ellen for putting her in the final.

Simon got to choose the final song of the night for Lee Dewyze — “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. I think it is kind of unfair that they brought out a full choir to sing behind Lee. How do you not vote for someone who had a full choir backing them? Of course, being that it was the best performance Lee has ever given, I’d find it pretty hard to not vote for him, too. Shocking, I know. Randy called it his biggest moment at the best possible time. Ellen called it “stunning.” Kara called it an incredible epic moment. Simon said he proved that he is a fantastic singer and a great person.

Here’s my unexpected ranking of the night:

  1. Lee Dewyze
  2. Crystal Bowersox
  3. Casey James

Lee had a really great night. I can’t deny it. Casey will go home. Lee’s performances tonight actually make him seem like he could sneak up from behind and win. The final competition might actually be fierce for the first time all season. It’s taken far to long to get here! So what do you all think? What is your prediction for the finale?

One thought on “American Idol Season 9: Semi-Finals

  1. I have a feeling that Lee is going to end up the dark horse and surprise winner of this thing. I have been team crystal since day one…but, I think Lee had such an explosive night the other night that he really burned himself into people’s psyches. And, if history has anything to do with it, I read somewhere that generally, whoever Simon picks a song for ends up winning American Idol. Don’t know if that’s a fact, coincidence or what…but I will say this. When they announced he was doing Hallelujah, I was a little surprised. That song has been done to DEATH on AI. But NEVER have I heard it done quite the way Lee did it. Even my husband who has never invested a vote in AI ever actually picked up the phone and voted.

    Unless Crystal does something amazing or magical…I think Lee may sneak up on her and take this. He has the tween/teen/cougar votes.

    Incidentally and nothing to do with AI…I listened to some clips of Total Eclipse! You guys are great, way fun…and where the hell were you guys when I needed a fantastic wedding band!
    .-= CP´s last blog ..Conversation with Esther #345767346 =-.

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