American Idol Season Nine: Top Four Perform Songs from the Movies

Bye Bye TwinklyBits! You had a better run than expected. Now you’ll put out a middle of the road-nothing special country/pop album that sells just enough copies to warrant a second album before you hit puberty and disappear into obscurity. That’s just the way it is.

The top four are performing tonight. We are just two weeks away from the end of what has been one of the hardest to watch seasons I can remember. The chasm between the talented and the crap has never been this large.

They have to perform songs individually, and paired up into “very special duets.” The theme is “The Movies.” Tonight’s mentor is Jamie Foxx. I remember thinking it was a ridiculous choice last year and I’ve not seen anything to change my mind since then.

Lee DeWyze chose “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal from one of the Batman movies… Returns, maybe? I didn’t understand a single word of at least the first verse. Hey Lee – take the gravel out of your mouth wouldja? He’s not done a single thing to make this song his own. It’s rushed and never found a groove at all. Honestly if you’re going to take a song like this that has a very stylized sort of madrigal sound, you could do almost ANYTHING to the arrangement to make it your own. He did nothing. Plus, he was flat a lot. Randy didn’t think he did anything with the song and it was pitchy. Ellen thought there could be more done with the song. Kara thought he was out of tune and got lost in the arrangement. Simon thought he picked the wrong song and did nothing to make it his own. He compared it to karaoke.

Michael Lynche picked “Will You Be There” by Michael Jackson from the “Free Willy” soundtrack. The song started too low for him for sure. Again, he’s done absolutely nothing to make this song his own. Michael performed this song with a lot of gospel feel and Michael kept it exactly the same. If not for the live choir on stage, I’d think he was singing along to one of those 1990’s karaoke tapes. Randy didn’t love it as it was just “alright.” Ellen thinks he is consistently good, but this was a predictable performance. Kara missed the “goosebumps” and he played it safe. Simon thinks he chose the wrong song, but he did at least feel like he meant it.

The first duet of the evening is next. Lee and Crystal are performing “Falling Slowly” from the film “Once.” A beautiful song that Kris Allen made popular last year. The original gives me chills. I didn’t really love the arrangement, it was too rock-driven and less intense than the lyrics call for. That being said, they sounded good together. Randy thought it was amazing. Ellen called them the “New Captain and Tenille.” Kara called it one of her favorite moments of the entire season. Simon called it “a fantastic song.”

Casey James decided to sing “Mrs. Robinson” by Simon and Garfunkel from “The Graduate.” He’s broken out a mandolin and the arrangement is pretty sparse, almost bluegrass which is actually pretty cool. Though I will say it does feel a little bit like a campfire sing-a-long rather than a multi-million viewer performance. He sang it well, but didn’t do much with the interpretation or melody. Randy thought he sounded “cool” and laidback. Ellen liked the changes but wished he had gone a bit further. Kara thought it was a good choice and liked that he showed some vulnerability. Simon didn’t think the song had enough substance or importance.

Crystal Bowersox is performing “I’m Alright” by Kenny Loggins from “Caddyshack.” So Crystal is back to being that fun bluesy rocker chick that we all know and love. This performance was so far and away better than anything the other contestants have done. It was very cool, the arrangement was changed drastically and made modern. The reggae-ish breakdown was a great choice. I would totally listen to this version over and again. I’ve already forgotten what everyone else sang. Randy didn’t think it was his favorite performance but liked her changes to the song. Ellen thought she made the song better. Kara agreed with Ellen, she made the song better. Simon said she is “back in the game.” Wait, she was out of the game??

Jamie Foxx has NO other trick up his sleeve other than getting in the singer’s face and telling them to seduce him. Seriously?

Michael Lynche and Casey James are on deck to perform their duet “Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman” by Bryan Adams from “Don Juan de Marco.” I hate this song. This performance does nothing to change that. I can’t really even comment on the shitacular-ness that this was. The only thing nice was Casey’s guitar. Randy called it a “nice one.” Ellen admitted to having “loved a woman.” Kara called the duets “incredible.” Simon thought the duets were a million times better than the solo performances.

Tonight’s rankings:

  1. Crystal Bowersox
  2. Casey James
  3. Lee DeWyze
  4. Michael Lynche

So who do you think is going home? At this point I don’t think one crappy performance is enough to send someone home. I think it’s a collective process at this point — who has generated the biggest most fevered fan base? I think the time has run out for Michael.

2 thoughts on “American Idol Season Nine: Top Four Perform Songs from the Movies

  1. Yeah, Michael’s time had arrived. Truthfully, based solely on performance, I think Lee should have went home. He was all over the place with that song, but you know, he’s cute and all. *bleah*

    However, THANK YOU for letting me know what song it was that Crystal and Lee sang. I fell in LOVE with it and didn’t hear the song title. I am now interested in hearing the original. Did you see the film that accompanied it? Should I bother?
    .-= CP´s last blog ..When Mother Bears attack… =-.

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