American Idol Season 9: Top Five Sing Songs of Sinatra

We’re down to the top five.

Last week Siobhan was sent home. I’m very sad that this happened. I really wanted her in the top 3 with Crystal and Casey. Now it looks like either Lee or Twinklybits will be taking her spot.

This means there’s just one girl left.

The dreamy Harry Connick Jr is the mentor tonight and the Idols are singing the Sinatra songbook. I’m excited to hear that Harry is actually writing the arrangements for the contestants. That’s pretty damn cool.

Aaron “TwinklyBits” Kelly is opening the show with “Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words).” I’m sensing a bit of nervousness tonight. His voice is a bit quivery in places, but all-in-all he did not-so-bad. Sort of so what? The arrangement was very cool. Randy thought he did a really good job. Ellen said the piano was pitchy, but thought it was a beautiful vocal. Kara didn’t think it was as strong as last week and he needs to be a bit “bigger” on stage. Simon didn’t think it had enough conviction and the performance was a bit corny at the end.

Casey James is next and he’s picked “Blue Skies.” He’s not playing the guitar tonight which makes him look a bit uncomfortable. I gotta say, this was pretty fucking terrible. To properly sing these kinds of songs you have to have a really clear voice that rings like a bell. Think Nat King Cole or Rosemary Clooney… they would hit notes without a hint of quiver or vibrato and it’s smooth as glass. Casey just doesn’t have that voice. He’s great with the bluesy jams, but this is totally outside of his abilities. Randy called it his worst performance that was pitchy all over the place. Ellen thought it was very stiff and uncool. Kara compared his vibrato to a lamb. Simon thought he seemed a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Crystal Bowersox is singing “That Summer Wind.” She looks amazing tonight in a full length black gown and the dreads are neatly tucked back on her head. She really can sing anything. This was a great song for her. She definitely put a bit of her own spin on the arrangement, and it fell in a beautiful part of her voice. She’s proving herself to be much much more than the rocker/folker chick that she started out as. Randy called it a bit “sleepy.” Ellen wanted her to loosen up a bit more and she commented on her many sides. Kara liked her phrasing and thought it was good departure from her norm. Simon doesn’t know if it was the right song for her and wants her to really step up her game.

Michael Lynche takes the stage now and he’s picked “The Way You Look Tonight.” I think Michael is probably the most comfortable with this genre tonight. His voice is clear and suited for this style for sure. He’s done a pretty good job with his interpretation, with the exception of it being somewhat over-dramatic. The hand gestures, the over enunciation, the self-indulgent super slow intro… it’s all a bit campy for me. But I do have to say his vocal is probably the best tonight. Did I just say that? Randy called it an unbelievable vocal. Ellen thought he had the most comfort on stage tonight and thought it charismatic and smooth. Kara thought he interpreted the song perfect, liked the drama, and put his own flavor on it. Simon thought it was the best of the night.

Lee Dewyze is closing the show tonight with “That’s Life.” I actually like this. For the first time this season, Lee has impressed me. There were no stupid monotonous belted notes. He stuck to the melody and his attitude was absolutely spot on. He was very comfortable on stage and had the exact “swagger” that the judges have been looking for all night. It was a great arrangement and he sang it quite well. It was the perfect song choice for him. I’m still a bit stunned. Leave it to the “standards” week to turn everything on its ear. Randy loved it. Ellen thinks if this were the last night of performances Lee would win the whole thing. Kara said, “You can win this thing.” Simon thought Harry brought out Lee’s personality and confidence and thought it was by far the best performance of the night.

Here’s my ranking for the night:

  1. Lee Dewyze
  2. Michael Lynche
  3. Crystal Bowersox
  4. Aaron Kelly
  5. Casey James

I’m not sure Casey will get voted off though… it’s hard to tell if the guitar/rocker guy vote will be split between Lee and Casey sending Casey home, or if there are enough tween girls voting for the sexy Casey knocking TwinklyBits out of the competition. It’s too close to call at this point. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “American Idol Season 9: Top Five Sing Songs of Sinatra

  1. I don’t think it is the ‘tween girls who are covering Casey’s backside. It’s the thirty-something moms. THEY are the ones keeping Casey around while our daughters are rooting for TwinklyBits! I believe Aaron is completely safe and judging from my daughters best friends enthusiasm (young gay male, early twenties) Aaron doesn’t need to worry. I think the stress of this is starting to wear Crystal a bit thin…and her confidence is starting to come off like snobbery. I know she isn’t like that, but I think people are misinterpreting her attitude. Lee was definitely the dark horse tonight, but I don’t know that he built himself the same comfy fan base that Casey has. Mike’s not going anywhere tonight. This was his night for sure.

    Casey should be going home based on performance, but I have a sinking feeling that, despite an amazing vocal, Lee may be in danger.

    And may I throw in a big HELL YEAH for Harry Connick Jr.? The ONLY mentor, other than Adam Lambert, who actually spent the time teaching these kids something. Love. Him.
    .-= CP´s last blog ..Facebook Conversation with the Hotband. =-.

  2. Harry was the reason I finally tuned in and watched a complete episode of American Idol. I’ve seen him in concert and have every one of his albums. As always he went above and beyond the call of duty. I loved how Ellen kept teasing him (some of his funniest interviews are from her talk show) and every arrangement had a Connick flair and made me wish he were the one singing.

    The only two I didn’t find cringe-worthy (and last night’s music is my favorite kind of music) were “Summer Wind” and “That’s Life” – I totally disagreed with the judges on Crystal’s performance I thought she was perfect and she did remind me a bit of Ella Fitzgerald or Rosemary Clooney – I thought she pulled it off beautifully. But, ultimately, Lee was amazing and you can tell he definitely took some tips from Harry on the performance.

    IMHO, of course. 😉

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