Sep 15

To Patrick Swayze, Thanks for Everything

My first memory of you was in The Outsiders, a movie that later inspired the name of the band from the record deal series… Then you provided a major piece of my childhood… I can’t count the hours spent copying your dance moves in my living room with Tracy, and playing “She’s Like the Wind” on the piano, a song that I performed in a talent show in Moscow to great (albeit creepy) unison applause.

You had some great scenes in Roadhouse and Next of Kin, which were admittedly dumb movies.

Ghost is an iconic movie that will probably be what you are most remembered for…

But my favorite performance by far was the sweet Vida Boheme in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.

Patrick Swayze

Thank you for having the courage to not only be a straight guy who studied ballet, but for being confident enough to play a campy drag queen with respect and heart.

Your death was not unexpected, but still very sad.

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