Jan 26

No More Kings Again

I’m sure you all remember a post a few months ago in which I completely gushed over a band called, “No More Kings.”

I shared a few of their songs with you, and the video for “Sweep the Leg.”

You remember now? Good.

Well, the lead singer for the band, Pete Mitchell, found that post and dropped me an email thanking me for saying nice things about the album. We’ve exchanged several emails since then, and he’s shared a few of the tracks off their brand new album that is due out in May.

No More KingsI don’t mind telling you they are great, and I’m definitely looking forward to picking up a copy!

I’d share them with you, but I swore I wouldn’t. Sucks to be you, huh?

The band tops my list of favorite new artists that I discovered last year, and new music from a great band is always welcome.

Be watching for it, I’m sure I’ll remind everyone when it releases. And hopefully, I can talk Pete into being a guest on an episode of The Jester Show in the near future!

Jan 25

Time for Some Bullets!

I haven’t written a bullet post in a while, so here you go!

  • I have been incredibly busy at work. I have completely revamped and relaunched our company website. Plus, I have been working on implementing a whole new software system that tracks sales and manages customers, and on top of that, I’m working on an entire year’s worth of marketing plans. Check out the website here: CruiseMagic discount cruises.
  • My Facebook account is completely out of control. I have recently been in contact with people with whom I haven’t spoken since I was 13. That’s 20 years. And every single one of them asks the same thing, “How’ve you been? What have you been up to?” Someone tell me how I can boil down my life history over the past 20 years into a quick retort to that question…
  • Also, what is with all these people who made my life a living hell in middle and high school friending me and telling me how they thought I was just the neatest person they knew? Seriously, it’s taken me 15 years and countless hours of psychotherapy to get over the torture they put me through… and they think I was cool?!
  • We took a road trip to Missouri over the holidays. 5000 miles round trip. During the trip I reconnected with one of my all-time best friends who I completely skipped out on when I came out. I didn’t think he’d be cool with it, and I was completely wrong. Now I have to make up 14 years that I missed hanging out with him.
  • On that trip, I discovered that my parents have some very strange things in their house:
  • Raccoon Urine Pooping Is Cool

  • And it’s nearly impossible to take a shower when you’re being spied on:
  • Peacock Peek-a-Boo

  • Finally, today is Avitable’s birthday, and I suggest you all run right over there and wish him well… either that or send him some 13 year old refugee Tongan boys via express mail. Hopefully that will shut him the hell up about it being Avitaweek once and for all.
Jan 17

A Quick Hello

It’s been a while since I last checked in with you all. Fear not, I am still alive, and despite what Avitable says, this is not a defunct blog!

The past month has been a whirlwind of travel that included a cross-country road trip to Missouri and back, and ended with last week’s not-really-a-vacation-because-I-worked-the-entire-trip to the Bahamas and Miami.

If you follow me on twitter, (you do follow me on twitter, right?) you know I’ve been around and keeping in touch with everyone, even if I haven’t had much to say here on ye olde blogge.

While this is merely a quick hello post, I promise that I will be back here more frequently. I have decided to really get into the story of what happened post record-deal. I also will be announcing the Second Season of The Jester Show very soon.

I know you will not want to miss that.

By the way, stop over and say “Happy Birthday” to Miss Britt today. I finally got to meet her last week. We shared a bed, then she peed in front of me. By my calculations, we’ll be living together in a month.