Dec 31

I Really…

really want to write up an “end of the year recap” and tell everyone about the amazing time I had visiting the midwest last week. I want to talk about old friends, new memories, the strange coincidences that occurred…

I really want to share photos and stories of how Ruben was almost eaten by a turkey, about the unusual things I found just laying around at my parent’s house. I want to talk about the crazy family drama that is playing out.

I want to put up a list of my favorite music from this year, the best movies (is there any question? It’s MILK dammit!), and the things that I’m looking forward to next year.

Unfortunately, I REALLY have to clean out the car and get it packed up for a big NYE show in San Francisco tonight. I’m sure I’ll get to this list soon.

In the mean time, if you’re not partying with Total Eclipse at Maggie McGarry’s tonight, be sure you party somewhere.

And be safe.

I mean it.

Dec 08

28 Years Later

I wrote about this a couple of years ago, but I really want to repost it today.

December 8, 1980

Considering the state of the world, I’d love to know what John would say about the economy, the election of Barack Obama, and gay marriage.

I suspect he’d have an opinion similar to mine.

DickieMaxx brought to my attention that there is an exhibit of John Lennon’s artwork on display nearby later this week. I’ll be checking it out, for sure.

And oh yeah, it’s my friend Adam’s birthday today. He can’t be Lennon reincarnated, since he was born 2 years later and he likes Anime. And weird ugly Japanese cultur… uh.. wait…

Lee and Adam

Lee and Adam