American Idol 7 Top Twenty Results Show

American Idol It’s time to get rid of four more idol would be’s.

In a perfect world all four of the contestants going home tonight would be girls. They were absolutely wretched this week. Awful. Terrible. Horrible. Tragic.

It was really bad is what I mean to say. It was as bad as any night on Idol ever is well, the gist of what I’m trying to say.

Ok, so it’s time for the dreaded group number. “Light in Your Eyes” by the guys wasn’t so bad. “It’s a Heartache” was awful, save for Carly. “The Things We Do For Love” was slightly better. “I Feel the Earth Move” is a good song for Brooke. Not so great for the rest.

We’re getting rid of a guy now. Michael Johns is safe. Chikeize is also safe this week, rightly so. He has redeemed himself. Jason Castro is safe this week, too. Jason Yeager is voted off the show this week.

He barely scraped by the first week. He had a chance to wow us this week, and he just failed to deliver. Simon told him that he didn’t stand out from the crowd. Nice looking guys with a decent voice just don’t quite cut it.

We’re getting rid of a girl now. Kristy Lee Cook is safe, as is Asia’h and Brooke White (yay!). And in a shocker, Alexandrea Lushington is sent home instead of Amanda Overmeyer. I’m genuinely stunned. I was certain Amanda would be out. I think Alexandrea may have been a victim of not enough screen time in the early show.

Time for another girl to go. Carly is safe. Ramiele is safe as is Syesha Mercado. It’s down to the indistinguishable blondes, Alaina and Kady. And Alaina, who Simon called the “Dark Horse” last night is out. This is absolutely the wrong choice. Kady seriously needed to go home. Alaina is a complete mess and doesn’t think she can sing at all. The rest of the ladies got up to help her out on her swan song, “Hopelessly Devoted to You.”

I always crack up when the departing contestant has to sing a song with ironic or prophetic lyrics. Alexandrea’s song last night was “If You Leave Me Now.” Alaina just had to sing, “Guess mine is not the first heartbroken. My eyes are not the first to cry…”


I’m evil. I know.

And we’re back to get rid of another guy. The announcement is made that the Lennon/McCartney library has been released for a special show with the Top 12 on March 11th. And we just got sent to a refresher course on last year’s Idol Gives Back, in promotion of the repeat this year on April 9th.

Luke and Robbie are brought center stage, everyone else was safe. Robbie Carrico is sent home tonight.

I was dead right on the boys who got sent home this week. But I blew it on the girls. At least the girls that left were on my “Danger” list. I’m not completely dumb!

That’s it for this week!

7 thoughts on “American Idol 7 Top Twenty Results Show

  1. Last night, there was NOTHING on TV. So, because of you, I watched Idol. I do not think that the viewers chose the right people to go. I mean, what’s WITH that chick with the Adam’s family hairdo? God, she’s bad.

    And I didn’t like the Carly Simon rendition either. And all they did was sing what they sang last time when they left.

    And what was WITH that gay guy that cried the whole time? I mean, come on.

    And then the other girl that cried? I thought she was good. WTF?

    So now, I have to watch next week. Question: when do they actually sing new songs?

    PS: I ended up watching “Don’t forget the lyrics” or wahtever it is called. that chick that was on last night was a hoot!

    The Absurdist’s last blog post…Freewriting Friday

  2. ehh, there were no real surprises. but i did love the reaction kady had when she realized it was alaina who was voted off and not her. i could have peed my pants.

    then there was danny indifferently checking on his manicure as jason sang his swan song and david archuleta turning all sensitive and girly. oh, i just wanted to hug him.

    danny/ink2metal’s last blog post…these friends of mine…the next generation

  3. Absurdist – They sing covers right up to the last show, when they debut their first single. What Carly Simon rendition are you talking about? Brooke White sang Carly Simon on Wednesday night and was brilliant. You must be confused. When someone gets voted off, they have to sing the last song they performed as a swan song.

    Danny – Yes there were surprises. Both of the girls that went home should not have left yet. Based on the performances Wed, Amanda and Kady should have been kicked off. Kady should have been gone two weeks ago.

    Othurme – That’s not so strange for a little gay boy to get a divalicious fag hag….

  4. ok, i am just happy that my friend’s nephew didn’t go home. for now on, american idol is all about your tecap posts and LUKE MENARD.
    (p.s. luke is smoking hot so rooting for him is gonna be easy.)

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