Introducing The Listener Line!

In honor of the new Jester Radio Show that is debuting tomorrow night at 9:30PM PST (you are going to listen, right?), I decided to set up a Jestertunes Listener Line so my dear faithful friends and readers can call me directly and speak live if I happen to be available, or leave me a voicemail for use on future radio shows, comment on my latest post, or just send greetings. You could also leave a question for Ask Jester.

So give me a call, leave me a message just saying hello, or whatever you like!

Jestertunes Listener Line: (415) 578-3249

Call anytime 24 hours a day!

Please note: this phone number is NOT the number you need to use to call in to the Live Radio Show tomorrow night. That number is the Guest Call In Number: (347) 945-6045. You can call and talk on air live with me and my guests during the show.

7 thoughts on “Introducing The Listener Line!

  1. ginamonster – You can absolutely call and leave dirty anonymous messages! Please? Anyone?

    Absurdist – The listener line is powered by Skype. I’ll work you into the guest host schedule once I get a bit of rhythm going. I don’t qualify for a “prime time” slot until after I reach a certain arbitrary number of listeners as determined by

    Hilly – You haven’t called the listener line yet!

    Sly – Is Lee still puking about it?

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