Nov 30

A Brief Text Exchange with Lee

Jester: Hey – You wanna do lunch today? I’m on my way in for a meeting at 11.
Lee: Sure we can do lunch, but I’m hungover.
Jester: How is that different than normal?
Lee: Normally I’m still drunk.
Jester: Oh. Right.

Nov 29

Dirty Drawings

I saw this tonight, and I just had to share it.

The song kinda sucks, so don’t feel like you have to have your sound on, but watch these time lapse videos of drawings that start out as really dirty scribbles.

Nov 29

No One Gets Me

Lisa: how’s work going?
Jester: ugh
Lisa: getting better?
Jester: not really…there’s such a stupid corporate mentality here that I just abhor
Lisa: like a lot of processes for no reason?
Jester: for example: I have to redevelop a website…that already exists. and the changes being made are minor yet they want me to write a project plan and have a weekly conference call about it
Lisa: ha! instead of just making the changes and being done with it?
Jester: I will spend more time writing the plan and talking about it than I will doing it
Lisa: that’s annoying
Jester: I brought that point up and was told, “I just think it will be a good exercise.”
Jester: I don’t think they appreciated it when I said, “Do I LOOK like I exercise ever?”
Lisa: HA
Jester: *sigh* no one gets me here

Nov 28

Jester asks YOU a question…

I don’t often solicit advice from my readers… since I usually know it all already.

Here’s a question:

What’s the proper way to deal with people who want to add you as a friend on myspace or facebook who you know socially, but don’t really care to update them with every little thing in your life?

You know… an ex-coworker, a distant relative, ex-friend, or maybe, hypothetically, a bully who tormented you in elementary school who just discovered myspace and recognized your picture and now wants to be your friend? (I have no problem telling the bully to go to hell, but the others…?)

What do you guys do?

Nov 27

You’ve seen the video…

now own the tee shirt.

Two Girls Equation Tee Shirt

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Nov 26

Caption Me

Here’s this week’s Caption Me entry.

What’s going on in this picture?

Is that a banana in your pocket? Oh, it is?

Here’s my entry: “Oh, so that WAS a banana in your pocket…”

Nov 23

Black Friday Thoughts

I hate to shop.

I know, I’m a bad fag.

It’s not that I dislike spending money, as I clearly have a knack for that. The issue is that while I’m normally a friendly, optimistic, good-natured and socially outgoing person, my ability to wear that mask gets put to the test inside any building larger than 4000 square feet.

I hate standing in line. I hate people who walk slowly. I hate people who have to check the ingredient list of every variety of chicken noodle soup on the shelf. I hate people who wander aimlessly. I hate people who get distracted by shiny objects wrapped in plastic. I hate people who stand right in front of the one item I have come into a store to purchase and talk on their cell phone about how the dog pissed on their favorite open-toed sandal.

And that’s just the customers.

I also hate being spritzed with some nasty “designer” fragrance by a woman who thinks her makeup foundation can do the job of spackle. I hate being asked thirty seven times per hour if I’d like to “Save 10 percent today by opening a credit account.” Bitch, don’t you think if I could get a credit card in your store, I’d have one already? I hate that every time I actually NEED to talk to a salesperson it requires a lengthy game of hide and seek, a set of semaphore flags, and a communication system that was once reserved for the innermost rings of the Pentagon. I hate looking into the dejected faces of minimum wage cashiers who can’t afford to shop in their workplace.

That’s why I shop online.

I saw a news item this week that the Human Rights Campaign had (just in time for the holiday shopping season) downgraded Wal-Mart’s score in their Consumer Guide. From USA TODAY:

Citing Wal-Mart’s refusal to offer domestic partner benefits to its gay and lesbian workers, the HRC said Tuesday that the USA’s biggest private employer has ‘more work to do in furthering equality.’ It advised gays and their supporters to shop elsewhere. Wal-Mart rated a red 40 on a scale of 100, down from a yellow 65 in 2006. It was among 54 companies that scored 45 or lower in HRC’s 2008 Corporate Equality index, which assigns ratings to 519 large companies. Also in the red: Toys R Us, RadioShack (RSH) and AutoZone (AZO). Wal-Mart rival Target rated a ‘green’ 80, meaning that ‘consumers should make every effort to support these businesses.’ Wal-Mart has bucked a corporate trend of expanding benefits for gay employees, says Daryl Herrschaft, director of HRC’s workplace project.

As a blast from the past, I’m going to point you to the post I wrote LAST Black Friday all about Wal-Mart. I didn’t have nearly as many readers back then, so you may have missed it.

*As you may have noticed, I also resurrected my holiday-themed blog theme. I am hoping it will do something to put me in the holiday mood.

Nov 22

Thanksgiving is over….

The turkey turned out great.

I made enough food for an army. (It’s genetic.)

No one else showed up, so UMB, Celeste and I stuffed ourselves silly and dr a nk two boooootles of wine.

And I sat down to tripe this post, andddddddddddddddddddddddddddd……