Killer and Jerry Seen at a Gay Bar

I jokingly suggested that we should go out to 1220 in Walnut Creek for drinks. It’s a gay bar.

Jerry said he’d prefer drinks at my house.

Killer said, “I say we go out.”

Since Killer was the guest, he won.

Here is Jerry showing his excitement at being outvoted:

Jerry is super happy.

Here is Killer showing his pleasure at being the deciding vote:

Killer is ecstatic.

The conversation was pretty funny. We discussed other bloggers (you know who you all are) and the intricacies of beer. Killer is a beer expert. No, really. It’s all about the beer.

We discussed the differences between living in the South and California. We discussed the status of our blog rolls and how delicate the operation of removing links can be…

And then we discussed balls. Specifically, we discussed a very important distinction between having balls on your chin, and balls on your forehead.

Jerry was not amused.

Jerry does not like the balls conversation.

Speaking of balls, Killers made their customary appearance.

Killer’s Balls

Bet you didn’t know that Jerry had such a nice manicure.

Later, Killer demonstrated the difference between having balls on your chin and having balls on your forehead.

Balls on forehead

Balls on chin

We could have spent many more hours laughing and discussing balls… alas, Killer had to get on the road and head off to San Diego. At some time in the future, I hope we all get the chance to visit with him again.

In the meantime, we’ll always have Paris the memories of Killer and Jerry in a gay bar.

21 thoughts on “Killer and Jerry Seen at a Gay Bar

  1. hey killer, glad to see you all had a good time.
    hope the remainder of your trip goes well.

    just wondering, do those things sit in the water?

  2. Da Duck – So when do UMB and I get to come visit and check out these ‘boring’ bars?

    josiecat – I’m not Killer, but I did notice a large wet spot on Killer’s pants after a trip to the bathroom… read into that whatever you like.

  3. I’m sure Killer is proud that ball talk has migrated to Jester Tunes. It has a way of seeping into the most likely, I mean, unlikely, places.

    I can only imagine that you guys had a great time. I wish I could have been there. I so have stuff to talk about!Thanks for the update!

  4. Avitable – I wasn’t aware that you ever left your house…

    hello – …because there was beer that desperately needed to be consumed…duh!

    Ginamonster – I’m not sure that he’s still there. He certainly couldn’t load anything into his jeep, though. It was stuffed full to the point of the windows bulging out.:D

    Othurme – Yeah he was angry… threw glasses and stomped his feet on the ground. It was in time to the music though… and he did make several trips to the bathroom while we were there. I’m not sure what that was all about…

    Dutchy – Be careful what you wish for… I’m looking for an escape route…

    Miss Britt – :: sigh :: I never fall into the hottest guy category. 🙁

  5. Liz – Ball talk isn’t completely unlikely here, as I do have a pair of my own, and have been acquainted with many, many, many others. (Does this shirt make me look slutty?) I wish you could have been here too!

  6. Um, darling, I think you misunderstood. You said you talked about other bloggers. I assumed you had a discussion about how hot I was.

    I was simply wondering which of you was most enamored by my beauty.

    (I will reserve commenting on which of you was the hottest guy until I find out who was most struck by the sexiness that is Me.)

  7. Miss Britt – You’re right. I misread your comment. Actually your name did come up in conversation more than once… I think you are right… I think Killer was most enamoured by your boobs.

  8. I can not believe you posted those pictures of my balls. The fake ones on my head and chin…okay, but the ones of me haning them out of the tree…that was supposed to be private.

    Jerry wanted to go to the bar, he was just too embarassed to say yes.

    Hanging out with Jerry and Jester was amazing. UMB is a lot cooler and more fun than Jester lets on. And Dan, the code guru, was also great fun..once he got his head out of the computer. There was also Celeste who is struggling to keep the group grounded.

    I will write more about the whole thing on my site when I get to Mississippi. I am making Liz work overtime until then.

  9. dang.

    Jester, you’re brave allowing Killer to manhandle your huevos in such a way. They are so pretty, I would worry that he might squeeze too tight! Of course, he hangs his out of a tree…Perhaps he is an expert at not dropping the ball?

  10. Killer – You should know by now that nothing is private. I talk about everything… especially if there are accompanying photos. When did I ever say UMB wasn’t cool and fun? Celeste tried grounding us, but we kept sneaking out.

    Gina – He’s got a surprisingly light touch for a man with such big strong hands.

    Lori – 1220 is still open, remodeled within the last 4 years or so… same sort of crowd. Cool place. Can’t wait to read your post on it (btw… when are you going to start publishing your full RSS feed instead of just the headline? 🙂 )

  11. I’m so sad I could not join you guys…however, while in Dallas, we did get to go to Drag Queen Karaoke. I miss gay bars. They aren’t allowed in Oxford, MS…

  12. There is nothing as sweet as Killer talking about the difference of Balls on the forehead and chin.. Good times… Sounds like we really missed out…

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