23 thoughts on “Just in Case You Were Wondering

  1. Killer,

    When you see this, please do this to Killer Rants. I can only imagine…

    Do you think they’re using this to track down obscene blogs and shut ’em down? I’m very suspicious now that I work for a company with an IT department.

  2. Da Duck – You’re just going to have to invite Avitable and Killer over to your blog for a day or two… your rating will enter the NC-17 range within a matter of days.

    Howard – Crap? Once? That’s worth a PG? Sheesh!

  3. Liz – I just checked… your blog has an NC-17, too. It’s not a government thing though.. it’s just one of those little joke things. I think you worry too much about your IT department.:D

  4. does this mean that i have to not swear in mist’s comments?

    jester, i’m glad you allow me to be me here! fuck censorship.

  5. What the fuck do you have to do to get an R?!?!

    I said fucking 17 times, shit 7, fuck 6 and piss, suck, death and something else… and I was STILL only NC-17.

  6. Well, I never once in my fucking life would ever have even thought that anyone would swear on the Interfuckingnet! What the fuck is that all about?

    Sorta kinda wish I blogged so I could throw caution to the wind just once and see how quickly I got banned from all human contact…

  7. Miss Britt – You DO realize that NC-17 is a stronger rating that “R” right? NC-17 replaced X.

    Dutchy – I know. I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to keep the kids off my lawn.

  8. Heh. Um. Yeah. Of course. I mean… uh.. EVERYONE knows that, right? Pfft. It’s not like I haven’t been to a movie theater since Men In Black II came out or anything.

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