The LA Slimeball was on Family Jewels last night

My life has been, and remains to be, such a strange journey with some unforgettable characters who reappear in the most surprising of places.

If you’ve been around this site much at all you’ve no doubt read about the “LA Slimeball” who was a third of the Trijon Management company that thoroughly screwed me out of a record deal in Nashville. Last week I found a bunch of cassette tapes including some rehearsals of the band and the voice mails that notified me of my place in the band.

The voice mails (which I’ll post later this week) revealed the Slimeball, Jeff’s, last name which had been eluding me. It’s Mullen.

I have it on my “to do” list to go in and edit the stories and add his name in. I haven’t gotten to that yet.

As a quick refresher, here is my description from Part V: Getting to Know You:

Delious Kennedy, Anthony Smith, Jeff Mullen

I’ve avoided describing him up to this point because I can’t find anything nice to say… but I’ve mentioned Jeff, Delious’ right hand man/business manager. Jeff embodied everything I hate about Los Angeles. He was shallow, rude, pessimistic, and I never trusted him. Not from day one when he first talked to me at the audition between phone calls. He was too thin, too tan, his hair was too blonde, he dressed far too young for his age, and he used the word “Dude” without any sense of irony. His handshake was damp, limp and insincere. If I were to base a cartoon character on him, it would be a creature that was the perfect combination of rattlesnake, earthworm, and a mangy starved pit bull.

Nice, huh?

Tonight, while getting my weekly dose of Nick on “Family Jewels,” Gene Simmons was in Las Vegas and went to the Adult Entertainment Convention. Where he promptly met the Vice President of Sex-Z Pictures (not EVEN Safe For Work), Jeff Mullen.

I wasn’t watching the screen at first, I recognized the voice and my jaw dropped. He looks awful, the past ten years have not been kind to him. I am not at all surprised to learn that he is heavily involved in the porn promotion industry. Everyone who has met him has described him as sleazy, and slimy, and repugnant.

Though he is only on screen for less than thirty seconds, I feel very much like I need a shower and an entire bottle of hand sanitizer. I had a visceral physical reaction to his voice and face. I could smell his cologne and feel his limp sweaty handshake and it just gives me the heebie jeebies.

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  1. Miss Britt!! HAHA… sound like me!

    But wow, I’m sorry you had to deal with that slime ball. I have had my share of meeting those type of people for Commercials and Modeling stuff. Those people must have issues sleeping at night because they surround themselves with people like them. They must feel so alone *cries a Native American tear*….BLAH!

  2. I have really enjoyed reading your posts on your website regarding your ‘former career’. Very entertaining especially the way you remember various events. Congratulations on your singing and recording career as I see you have gone quite far and accomplished quite a bit with your golden voice.

    Since the last 10 years have been filled with many projects in numerous areas of entertainment for me, I can barely remember you. I recall that you thought that you were God’s gift to singing and to the group (The Outsiders later South 65) which was not a great way to get started.

    You call me a slimeball which is quite funny, but the fact is that you got dumped from a group (albeit one that didn’t last)because you were a shit starter. You can spin the facts anyway that you wish for all to read, but the truth at least in our eyes is that you broke rank and bit the hand that was attempting to help you.

    You talk about the horrible contract, but the music industry has gone into the toilet over the past 10 years and many new contracts now have some provision for merchandising/TV and touring because after the huge investments to get an act going, there must be ways to recoup other than slumping CD sales.

    Delious and I started the group in much the way that All-4-One was started. You were just a temporary ‘part’ of that project and the fact that you continue to live your life through something from 10 years ago shows a very pathetic side but one that is quite enjoyable to read about.

    I wish you well, but what you fail to understand is that we tried to create something great and your own greed (which by the way was very Nashville)was what ‘lost your record deal’not be. If it had been up to me, you would have never made it past the first audition because although you were talened, you were quite femine for such a project.

    Atlantic rep Al Cooley was a sad sack of an A&R man and yes he hated me too upon first sight. I guess that was no surprise to me when looking back at the ‘Nashville Years’. It was a better project once you and Matt were gone, but the truth is that neither Delious or I continue to look back and talk much about it because it was only one project among many. Lastly, you say I look terrible, but I think I look pretty good for a 46 year old man. If you want, I would be happy to send you a recent photo for your dart board.

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  4. Paul,
    Jeff alerted me to this post. At first I was upset when I read this record contract series. There is alot of made up stuff on here to suit your side of the story. I’m not gonna go the route Jeff did, cause I’m not at that place in my life. It was 10 years ago. But since this is the only contact I have for you. I’m gonna fill you in on what you don’t know. 1st off! Jeff and I fucking…that’ll bring you a lawsuit. Check my records I’ve taken people to court for less than that. No,Really I have! But I’m just gonna laugh that off. As far as the record contract goes. I had no choice to let you go for the main reason (and I say this with all politeness, cuz after 10 years I can’t be bitter. I can’t even believe I’m responding to this post). The problem I had with you was you were a good singer on the songs that were already on the radio. Your version of “Someone else’s star” was awesome. That’s why I invited you to be part of this group. The problem was when Anthony and I gave you new songs where you had to create your own sound, it wasn’t special, you had trouble with that. I don’t know if you remember how long it took to record the hook to Precious few, but Anthony was like…he’s gotta go. I had to convince Anthony that you sounded better than what you were doing. Even then I let you stay in the group, but when you started calling the president of Atlantic records behind my back making deals and then telling me that Rick said that you and Matt HAD to be in the group or the group would be dropped, which made me ask the PRES. of the label if this were true (too which he replied, Delious this is your group, I never said that to Paul or anybody. That’s when your tenure in the group came to an end. I shouldn’t have had to go to the president of the label with he said/she said questions. That made me look like an idiot. Matt was never kicked out of the group, he quit for personal reasons. You were the only one I wanted to replace. Again, I’m not saying this with angst. I actually hope you’re doing well in whatever it is you’re doing. But please don’t make me out to be this horrible person. What you had was a Production deal. Which is rare in Nashville but common in the music industry. Yea, they aren’t great for the artists, but there are worse contracts than what you had. If you didn’t like this contract, DON”T ever audition for “American Idol”. Considering the money I put into making that group, I was still on the losing end, considering Nashville deals don’t rival the ones in the pop world. Oh! as for AL Cooley, considering the things he said about me consider him the ultimate snake for the things he said about you. Maybe he was just covering his ass. But I notice he didn’t get you a deal anywhere else. I don’t remember the Pee wee Herman story, (not saying it didn’t happen, just don’t remember it) I seriously hope you’re doing something you love, Oh! as far as feminine, I knew when you were when I put you in the group, but that didn’t stop me, I never had a problem with that even when the guys came to me and told me. South 65 may not have been Dixie Chicks successful but they did make money, opening on the George Strait Tour and for major country artists and let’s not even talk about their reception at fan fair!!
    With all that said, I hope you stop spreading the false knowledge on this website, because if I wanted I could sue you now but this is so 10 years ago.
    Good luck in everything you set out to do.

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