The Boys Suddenly Appear

American IdolI have so far (this season) abstained from talking about my serious addiction to American Idol. It’s not because I’m not watching religiously, but because until tonight there really hasn’t been anything to say.

There were a couple of performances last week that didn’t completely and utterly suck, but it was only a couple. The boys were especially dismal. In fact last week I was finding it hard to find any guy worthy of my vote. Blake (the beatboxer) was good, and Chris Richardson was ok. Brandon is gorgeous and has a nice voice but has so far bored me. The girls were better, by far. Lakisha, Stephanie, and my front runner favorite so far, Melinda was especially good.

What a difference one week makes. The boys came out swinging tonight and actually made it seem like a competition for the first time this season.

Here are my picks for the boys this week.

Blake LewisSafe:

  • Blake Lewis – His take on Virtual Insanity was killer. I realized about halfway through that I was unable to sit still and I kept thinking, ‘ok… this is hot!’
  • Chris Richardson – I told UMB last week that I wanted to hear Chris sing a Jason Mraz song. Funny that he did it this week. Funnier still that the one he chose, “Geek in the Pink,” is one of my LEAST favorite Mraz songs. That being said, he was spectacular tonight. Now I’d like to hear him do a Maroon 5 song. (You hear that Chris?)
  • AJ Tabaldo – He’s been consistently good. I loved his version of “Feeling Good.” Anyone else get the gay vibe from him? I’m not looking to out anyone, I’ll leave that sort of sleazy tactic to Perez Hilton, but I definitely get a blip on gaydar.

Chris RichardsonWill probably coast by:

  • Brandon Rogers – He’s got a great voice and definitely deserves to come back. “Time After Time” could have been much better than he performed it tonight. He’ll skate by on his dedication to his grandmother and the fact that he did seem to feel the song, which IS extremely important, thank you very much Simon.
  • Chris Sligh – I liked his version of “Trouble.” But honestly, I don’t think he’s that special… he’s got a strange sense of rhythm and really needs to learn how to annunciate when he sings. I can’t understand half his words.
  • Phil Stacey – Nice voice, gets the soldier vote. Nothing spectacular. He has managed to perform two songs that I love, “I Could Not Ask for More” last week and “Missing You” last night.

Sanjaya MalakarDanger! Danger!:

  • Sanjaya Malakar – Look, you’re pretty. You have a nice voice, and you have been consistently in tune. However, the performance last night of “Stepping Out” was awkward, weird and generally made me quite uncomfortable. At first when I thought you might be performing the Joe Jackson song I was intrigued. When it ended up being the jazz standard made famous by Tony Bennett I was quite confused. I’m sorry to say, you’re just too young. You should be performing in local talent shows and discovering who you are as an artist.
  • Nicholas Pedro – I like you. I really do. Unfortunately, you pick shitty songs. “Fever?” Really? Here’s my unsolicited advice (as though you’re going to ever read this): Stop looking at Sinatra as an influence and look squarely in the direction of Harry Connick Jr and Jamie Cullum. They do a similar old style while still exuding an incredible amount of youth and fun and excitement. That’s what you’re lacking.
  • Jared Cotter – Last night was a really bad Marvin Gaye impression. If you’re going to sing “Let’s Get It On” you either have to do something completely different with it, or you have to absolutely nail it. You failed. You may skate by this week because of the sexy faces you were making, but you’re gonna have to do MUCH better than that to make the top 12.
  • Sundance Head – Dude. Go home to your kid. I liked your audition, but every performance since then has been absolutely terrible. You didn’t deserve to make the top 24 and you know it. And pulling out “Mustang Sally” last night? What the hell? It was like a really bad wedding band (and I know something about bad wedding bands) performance. I have NO idea what the judges were listening to since they seemed to like it. I think they were just still giddy following Chris Richardson’s performance.

So what do you think? Am I off the mark? Who’s going home? Who do you love?

12 thoughts on “The Boys Suddenly Appear

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  2. I don’t watch this show, so I am going to comment aimlessly and hit submit. I feel bad since I have been working too much to keep up lately. Why don’t they have a “indie rock” American Idol? Can you make Jerry post more often? Well, I think I have typed enough to make this appear like a worthwhile comment to the random passer by.

  3. I think you’re mostly right on. Blake and Chris have made great original decisions. I don’t either one is the best singer in this competition. Chris needs to stop bobbing his head in front of stationary mic stand. Blake’s beat-boxing is bad ass, and should carry him into the top 10, but probably won’t win it.

    The only person who wasn’t better than last week (and in fact worse) was Sanjaya.

    AJ? You mean Gay-J? Uh…yeah.

  4. love me some blake. LOVE! and for some unexplained reason i like that curly haired chris guy. something about his voice works for me. coz it sure as hell ain’t the look he got going on. i really want to like sundance, but i just can’t. go home, dancerboy. and take sanjaya before i go postal on his skinny ass. his 15 minutes have been up for quite some time now.

    yikes, i’m name calling. and posting comments! that means i like this show more than i care to admit. good thing no one knows my real name. wheeeeeeeeeee…

  5. Killer – There’s no ‘indie rock’ idol because 12 year old girls aren’t really into it. For whatever reason, the producers of Idol refuse to get out of the mindset that their audience is only the prepubescent. I can’t make Jerry (othurme) do anything. If I could, my laundry would be done.

    Othurme – I’m glad I’m not the only one that is slightly annoyed by Chris’s head bob. Reminds me of my bird. Blake rocks. Gay-J. Funny.

    hello – I can understand liking Chris Sligh, but seriously, he’s got to stop rocking the Mushroom Head look. Oh… and not only do I know your real name, I know where you live and what you look like. I’ll keep your addiction to Idol secret.

  6. After not missing an episode last season, we’ve missed it all this season. I guess if I’m not watching Elliot Yamin, I’m not watchin’ atall. Anyway, regarding your confusion about the judges falling all over themselves to praise a mediocre performance: they do that shit all the time trying to shape popular opinion. They push and push for the ones they think have likeability and marketability. No way in the world Taylor Hicks should have gotten into the top five last year, and he wound up winning. The judges carefully sucked his dick all the way to the winner’s circle. This year’s fellatio-ee? Sundance Head.

  7. Fringes – I totally have to disagree with you here. I don’t think the Simons (Cowell and Fuller) thought Taylor was marketable AT ALL. They are completely beholden to the 12 year old girl demographic and as such they were pushing Katherine McPhee down our throats. (If you need proof check out Katherine’s ABYSMAL debut CD. I can’t believe how awful it is.)

    Taylor deserved the win last year, he was original, quirky, had a great personality, and most of all, like him or not, he was talented. His cd is great.

    Sundance is only there because of his psuedo-celeb father and ONE good audition piece. I think voters will get rid of him soon enough.

  8. One thing about Idol, they have enough contestants to appeal to each of its 35 million fans. You love Taylor and think he’s marvelously talented. I think he’s a derivative mid-level talent. But each of us will watch because there is enough fun and frustration to go around. This season, I don’t know what happened to my household. We just stopped watching. Maybe because we can watch the Idol alums doing their things in other, more enjoyable spaces. Spaces without Randy Jackson and his discommand of critical thinking and commentary.

  9. I just realize that the colors I suggested for Jerry’s bathroom pretty much ARE the colors of your blog. Damn. He is going to totally hate me for this.

    I mainline Idol, but it’s too early in the season for me to really start to care. As a matter of fact, it’s on now, so I know what you’re doing at this very moment….

  10. I’m still just not feeling the boys…no pun intended. By far, this is a woman’s race so far. I like the girls because not only are they talented, but they seem to want it too. I’m just not getting that from the guys yet. I do agree with what you posted about the boys, but we have some differences in the girls. Guess not much has changed in 10 years. lol

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