Music Flashback

I had one of those strange moments tonight where I felt like I was six years old again.

I was suddenly and instantly transported back to my parent’s bedroom where the stereo lived. My mom and dad and I were sitting on the bed listening to the 8-track player singing along to artists like Amy Grant, The Kendalls, Barry Manilow, and the rich smooth baritone of country artist Don Williams.

These are the songs that taught me how to sing harmony. These are the songs that will forever make me feel like a kid, happy, safe with a world of possibilities ahead of me.

It was a nice feeling to hear them for the first time in probably 25 years. Nicer still that UMB remembers the songs from his childhood too.


Tulsa Time – Don Williams

I Believe in You – Don Williams

4 thoughts on “Music Flashback

  1. hehehe..i know both of these songs…imagine that…but personally my favorite of the ones you mentioned is The Kendall’s…i love…”Heaven’s just a sin away”…but kudos on your choice of artists to mention..Tanjua

  2. Tanjua – I keep forgetting you’re not that much younger than me. It’s still surprising that you know Don Williams. When I was little, I thought “Heaven’s Just a Sin Away” was a gospel song. 😀

  3. Girl, I had to move the couch so I could sing along and dance. I haven’t heard those songs in years. Gotta give mention to Eddie Rabbit too, that’s some of my memories.

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