Girls Strike Back?

American IdolHere’s my first attempt at “live-blogging” American Idol. A bit of a peek into that interior catty bitch that is my sub conscience.

Gina Glocksen – Her performance of “Alone” was just ok for me. The beginning was a bit too low for her. I hope she sticks around to develop herself a bit more. Way to go Ryan for completely putting her boyfriend on the spot with the “time for a ring” comment.

Alaina Alexander – I love love love “Not Ready to Make Nice” as my faithful readers already know. However I hate this song when it’s sung out of tune and with absolutely no breath control. By the end, I thought she might pass out, turn blue and flop around on the floor. Thank you Simon, you get me. You really get me. She did run out of steam.

NduguMy African Grey Parrot, Ndugu, loves American Idol as evidenced by his insistent singing and whistling along. Must turn up the volume.

LaKisha Jones – Ok… there’s no question she’s got a great voice. But please please don’t fall into the trap of performing all black diva songs all the time. It’s predictable and boring. That being said, she looks great, and did a decent version of “Midnight Train to Georgia.” I’d really love to hear her sing something completely against type, like a Melissa Etheridge or Lita Ford (wouldn’t that be hot!?) song. Simon should not give fashion advice. She looked great. Of course Ryan can tell the difference between Orange and Salmon.

Melinda Doolittle – She looks amazing. “My Funny Valentine” is a great choice for her. Yeah, she’s still my favorite girl. She switched up the melody a bit, and is dead-on the pitch. Outstanding! Even Ndugu shut up to listen. That was great. Simon is again quite astute in his assessment of her personality. She’s so sweet and unassuming and so un-diva like. I ::heart:: her.

Oh God. Ryan has just threatened us with Antonella singing Celine Dion after the break. Is three minutes enough time to find an ice pick and shove it deeply into my ear canals? Damn, no ice pick here and the corkscrew is too thick. Chopsticks? No, I’ll want to eat with those later… Aaah fuck it. I’ll just have a glass of wine and hope Ndugu will out sing her. He can, you know.

Antonella Barbra – She dedicated her song to her brother. Guess it’s because HE didn’t leak the pictures of her on the toilet and servicing a guy with a pixelated penis. Ok… so she’s sang a total of 8 notes, half of which were in tune. This is dreadful. I think I saw that dress pattern as the background on someone’s myspace page. It has since been removed for causing blindness. “Because You Loved Me” was not the song for her. Actually, I can’t think of a song that is the song for her. Oh good move, going on the offensive against Simon about Jennifer Hudson. That might get her some votes, but I think she’d better have her suitcase packed and ready to go home. Maybe Senjaya Malakar can share her taxi to the airport…. as long as she doesn’t sing along to the radio he should be fine. He might even get blown.

Ndugu remained relatively quiet during that tragic number. I think he’s in shock.

Jordin Sparks – The youngest of the girls is quite cute. She reminds me a bit of Norah Jones. Why do all these younger artists try so hard to perform songs that are too old for them? She’s having some pitch problems with this sappy Christina Aguilera song. Yikes, that run was terrible. Did someone step on a cat? Aah, tears are always good for enough votes to push you through for another week. Wow… is she a giant or is Ryan just a child? Don’t answer that.

Another freaking break? Seriously guys, how much money do you really have to make? How many Ford and Coke commercials must I sit through? That’s the problem with watching this live instead of coming home to a fresh episode of Idol waiting in my Tivo Now Playing list. Tuesdays are great because we have band rehearsal and get to breeze through all the commercials when we get home.

Oh good, the Pickler will be on tomorrow night. The average IQ of the room will drop by 100 points.

Stephanie Edwards – She looks fantastic. I hate this song, “Dangerously in Love.” It’s got that weird atonal melody thing going on that makes it impossible for me to get into. I don’t like the Beyonce version either. That being said, she performed it quite well. Nice range. I still like her.

More commercials. This is really annoying.

Leslie Hunt – Gawky is a good word for her. I wonder if that is a side effect of lupus? She’s doing “Feeling Good” too? Why is that song suddenly so popular? I love Nina Simone. I like Leslie’s voice, though there are some pitch issues close to the end. And the freaky scat? Hated it. I don’t like to watch her. I want to like her, but sadly, I just can’t.

Haley Scarnato – Great start with “Queen of the Night.” She sounds like she is trying to do an impression of En Vogue singing Whitney. I think her falsetto run in the middle was in a key unknown to any composer. Other than that, she did show some excitement and fun finally. A definite improvement over last week, but that’s not saying too much. Ndugu bobbed his head along with her, which could either mean he enjoyed it or he wishes to poop on her. Not that those two things are mutually exclusive.

Sabrina Sloan – She’s so striking… reminds me of Gloria Estefan-ish. Another Whitney song, but she has enough power to pull it off, though she’s just a bit flat on the money notes in the middle. She almost NAILED the ending until the final note which was weak.

Ok, here’s the wrap up:


  • LaKisha Jones
  • Melinda Doolittle
  • Sabrina Sloan


  • Gina Glocksen
  • Jordin Sparks
  • Stephanie Edwards

Danger! Danger!:

  • Alaina Alexander
  • Antonella Barbra
  • Leslie Hunt
  • Haley Scarnato

Overall, I have to say the guys were more exciting this week.

My picks to leave are Antonella and Alaina. (Of course Antonella will probably get the sympathy votes and Leslie will go home a week too early.)

Ndugu agrees, but thinks Antonella should go home based on her dress alone.

So, who do you want to go home? Besides Antonella of course…

4 thoughts on “Girls Strike Back?

  1. I officially hate song dedications. I wanted to throw up with every dedication to a boyfriend.

    I think I might be bitter. I can’t believe I’m a bitter girl. I need to make a therapy appointment.

  2. I love the Parrot references. Baby loves music too, I wonder if I should get cable so she can watch American Idol too? she much prefers silly comedies. and The Goonies. And Frank Sinatra.

    I never knew I could love a critter like I love my African Grey.

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