Having a bla.st

My Bla.st card.

Thanks to John Chow for his tipping me off to the newest web directory over at http://bla.st/.

It’s an idea I wish I had come up with. The deal is you upload a business card graphic to the directory and then make a dollar amount bid to hang on to the number one position in your categories.

Hear that sound? That’s a cash cow being born.

I’ve uploaded my card already, and so far I’m the only card listed in the ‘gay’ category. We’ll see how long that lasts! Have a site you want to promote? Want to find new sites to browse? Check out bla.st.

Oh, and if you want some help designing a card for the site, drop me a line, I’ll work cheap.

2 thoughts on “Having a bla.st

  1. I wonder I can make up a bunch of fake cards and buy a lot of categories. I want, “talks about balls too much” and “too hairy to be human.” You did not see any of those cards yet did you?

  2. Killer – I think you can make your cards say anything you like. And no… I didn’t see anything regarding ‘balls’ or ‘hairy’ and certainly not the combined “three extra hairy balls.”

    Man the google is going to love that phrase.

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