Sep 28

Total Eclipse Testimonial

So we had a great gig last week at a private party in Vacaville. It was great fun! The crowd was totally into our music, everyone danced and sang along, liquor flowed, steak kabobs were passed around… all in all not a bad way to spend a saturday night! I received the nicest email from the woman who booked us:


I wanted to thank you and the band so much for playing at the party last Saturday night. EVERYONE had the best time. You guys have been the talk of the week. A few people have asked where you’re playing so they can come and see you. Others have gone to your website and put your music on their computers at work for them and their coworkers (who now also love you). Still a couple more who want to have a party, to hear you play again. Kameo’s neighbor came over to thank them for having “the band”. His wife had had back surgery and hadn’t been very mobile. They went out to their back porch, poured themselves some wine and listened to your music, even got up and slowed dance a little. Said that they could have you back anytime.

Just wanted to let you know that you were a great big hit and will definitely be called for our next big party.

Thank you again and please let the rest of the band know how much everyone enjoyed them.

Hope all is well.

Warmest regards,

It was so nice of her to send the note along. The rest of the band was touched! We have fans! YAY!

Just in case you are just joining this program, you can check out our band at: