Jul 30

RetroRockit Gig Tomorrow

The Benicia Water Front Festival
Sunday, July 31st, 2:00 to 4:30pm
at the Water Front Stage downtown Benicia,
Benicia Waterfront Festival

Hope to see you all there!

Jul 26

Total Eclipse Website is Up!

Spent the day working on the band’s website… our demo recordings are up.

I’ll be updating the About Us page as soon as I get everyone to provide me with bios. At any rate, check out the site:
Total Eclipse

:: one down, a million to go ::

Jul 25

Tired – – So Tired

Man what a week! The Cafe Grand Opening was a big success! The band’s first gig went great. We also played Rhiannon’s birthday party on Sunday. I’m so tired! UMB and I decided to stay home and relax today. I’m doing some work on the myriad of websites I am building.

:: snore ::

Jul 19

Wasted day…

I believe that I have become so overwhelmed by the list of things that I have to do that my brain just shut down and wants to do nothing. I stayed home today… and did absolutely nothing… I sat on the couch and watched Law and Order reruns all day long (bless the folks at USA and TNT for that!).

I didn’t even get dressed.

I didn’t even crack open the new Harry Potter book that was waiting for me on the front step Saturday morning.

Something is seriously wrong.

Here’s a brain dump of the things on my plate:

Tiskets and Taskets Website Redesign

Tear Records Website Redesign

Watch The Guys perpetual bullshit… it’s been at least 6 weeks since I’ve heard from the guys about the new software. I’ve lost my patience with them and this whole project. Even if I were to complete it today, I’ve put at least 4x the amount of work into it as I quoted them. They’ve only paid me 25% and I have a feeling I’ll never see another dime!

Close the Cafe Books for June – take note it’s the 19th of July today.

Pay Cafe Bills


Finalize plans for this weekend’s Grand Opening party.

Develop Marketing plan for Bercli

Bercli Website Redesign

Learn everything I possibly can about phased array ultrasonics technology

Pin UMB down about where we want to go on vacation

Clean the house

Organize the garage

Landscaping the yard

And the list continues.. this is just the stuff keeping me awake lately. Well, that and all the personal shit that has been going on lately.

Personal shit, yes… I have a blog, but I’m not going into it here…

Anyway, instead of doing any one of the things on this list today, I watched reruns and read overheardinnewyork.com.

Now I’m going to bed just to get up and head to the cafe and start putting out the millions of little fires that come up during the average day.

:: hoping someone figures out how I can make several clones of myself to do all this shit ::

Jul 18

My So Called Gay Life

Check out my friend, Cloudclipper’s blog. He’s met someone he’s really really into and I couldn’t be happier for him. Read all about it at: My So Called Gay Life.

Jul 15

Yelp – Reviews of Uncommon Cafe – Berkeley, CA 94710

Hey —

My cafe got it’s first review today:

Yelp – Reviews of Uncommon Cafe – Berkeley, CA 94710

Whoo Hoo!!!

Jul 15

Uncommon News

Thanks to my good friend Dan, I got a blog up and working for the Cafe. Check out the Uncommon News site. Be sure to check it regularly for some updates that I may forget to put on this site! I only have so many hours in the day ya know!

:: off to bed ::

Jul 14

My NEW Mac

So most of you know I converted to Mac a few months ago and got an iBook. Well, since I had to keep stealing it back from UMB, I decided to get another one! So I got the 15″ Powerbook. Hot! Love it!

The Apple Store (U.S.)

Jul 14

Uncommon Cafe Grand Opening!

Hey Everyone!

We’re having the cafe grand opening finally — come check it out and hear our band play from 1-4!

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you think might be interested in coming out! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Hope you can come out and say hi!

Jul 12


I’m sure you’ve all seen or heard about this already, but this is a really funny site. Check it out! OverheardInNewYork