Sep 30

Doing your civic duty

I cannot believe the things that people will say to get out of doing jury duty. It was completely amazing. I heard everything from “I have to do an inventory at Safeway next week, and I need to prepare,” to “My religion prohibits me from judging people or associating with sinners.” The worst by far was the psychotherapist who couldn’t sit on the DUI case because of the ’emotional torment that I am experiencing because of my work with chemically dependant patients. I couldn’t possible make a fair and impartial decision regarding this case feeling as emotional and upset as I am.’

Come on!!!!

We all know that you’re lying. We all know that you’re giving us a big load of bullshit, and you expect us to swallow it? The worst thing is that these people get out of doing their civic duty… leaving some of the more ‘unsavory’ people behind to sit on the jury. Is that really a jury of your peers? The defendant was asian. The one asian man on the panel was excused during a preemptory challenge. (He couldn’t sit on the jury because he’s the only income in his household of six and one of only two employees at his place of business. Yawn.)

The prosecuting attorney hammered the girl next to me because she stated that she had some experience with DUI cases because her dad was an alcoholic. He wanted to know how much of a hell she had been through as a child. After that episode I caught up to her on our break. I told her I didn’t think it would score the DA any points by making a juror cry. She laughed hysterically at that. She was the first to be removed from the panel.

I spent a total of 8 hours basically sitting on my ass waiting for something to happen. The DA asked me about my experiences and I think my mentioning UncleMonkeyBoi is what eventually got me kicked off. On the way to sign out, a black man that had been excused at the same time walked out with me.

He said, “I think they got rid of you because you’re just too smart and eloquent.”

“I think they got rid of you because you’re black. They had to get rid of the asian, the black, and the fag.”

He laughed and said, “You know what’s really funny is that I’m a Christian minister, and you didn’t hear me crying foul in the name of God. What a screwy system.”

What a screwy system indeed.

Sep 22

California’s new partners law

From Yahoo News:

In a San Francisco auditorium crowded with hundreds of GLBT supporters, California Gov. Gray Davis signed a landmark law on Friday night that gives same-sex domestic partners nearly all of the rights and responsibilities granted to married couples in the state.

The new law makes California the second state in the United States, behind Vermont, to grant such legal recognition to same-sex couples.

Some of the new rights and responsibilities to be granted domestic partners in California include child custody and child and spousal support obligations, the right to make funeral arrangements, community property and spousal support, access to family court, parenthood presumptions, state court testimonial privileges, access to married student housing and mutual responsibility for debts.

The law applies only to state-level rights, not the nearly 1,000 federal protections that go along with civil marriage.

Approximately 400 people who were eager to witness history crowded into a hot auditorium at the San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Community Center for the ceremony.

Standing onstage before a huge rainbow flag, openly gay state Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, opened the event by remarking on the sexual and racial diversity of the crowd. “You look like George Bush’s worst nightmare,” he said.

He then introduced Gov. Davis as “one of the greatest heroes to this community we have ever known.”

Once Davis took the stage, the signing ceremony turned into a bit of a love fest for the governor, who is facing a recall. The crowd gave Davis an extended ovation and chanted, “Three more years,” signaling their opposition to the recall election, which is scheduled for next month. Gov. Davis was elected to a second term last November.

Davis spoke briefly about his support of the domestic partner legislation and reviewed his pro-gay record as governor.

“We are at our best when we respect every Californian, no matter who they are or who they love,” he said.

Gov. Davis signed the sweeping bill, known as AB 205, while sharing the stage with several gay and lesbian politicians, including the bill’s author, Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg, D-Los Angeles.

Several GLBT groups hailed the new law’s impact, which extends beyond the more than 20,000 registered domestic partnerships in California.

“Gov. Davis and the people of California are sending a clear message that they support family values for all families,” said Geoffrey Kors, executive director of Equality California, the statewide GLBT civil rights advocacy group that sponsored AB 205.

“This is a historic day, not only for same-sex couples in California, but for every human being committed to a society that strengthens and supports families,” Kate Kendell, executive director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, said in a statement. “For decades, LGBT people have struggled to protect our relationships and our children from the devastating impact of legal discrimination. Today, the state of California has taken the long overdue step of changing the law to support, rather than harm, our families.”


What can I say? It’s about time. Now the Federal Government needs to wake up and get their head out of their collective asses. We are taxpayers, voters, and citizens. We deserve the same opportunities and liberties as everyone else under the protection of our constitution. I’m tired of people screaming about ‘special rights.’ It is not a special right to not be harrassed, or fired without cause, or left without any protection when our partners die.

Thank you Governor Davis.

Sep 19

Shiver Me Timbers, it’s Stealth Disco

Well, as Wil Wheaton said in his post, it’s National Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Just thought I’d put that out there.

Ok… you really have to check this out. The Gee recommended it. I give it a two thumbs up. Definitely check out the “Best Of” video.

Stealth Disco

Off to silently do the the electric slide…

Sep 15

Strange as a 200 dollar bill

Not sure which is scarier… that someone made the 200.00 bill, or that someone accepted it…

The Smoking Gun: Archive

Sep 04

Pacific Northwest Trip

If you’ve wondered where I have been lately, I haven’t been posting because I was on a road trip. Unclemonkeyboi and I took ruben home to Oregon. We decided that we’d go by way of Seattle, since none of us had ever been.

The trip was amazing. The weather was beautiful, and even though it was Labor Day weekend, we barely saw anyone else. It was like no one else wanted to be in Washington State for Labor Day.

We met up with my friend Angela and her girlfriend Jess before going on into Seattle and meeting up with Dave. It was great to see Angela and Dave again! Dave kindly put us up for the night after showing us around town.

We took the Kingston Ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula and went on the first of several hikes into the rainforest.

After spending the night in Aberdeen Washington, we drove on to the Columbia River Scenic Park in Oregon in search of all the waterfalls.

Ruben was successfully delivered to his happy mom. I can’t say that I was very happy about it, though. I’m gonna miss having him around.

UMB and I made our way back home on the 101 down the coast of Oregon and California, making pitstops along the way in the Redwood National Forest. It got too dark to find the drive through tree, but we don’t live too far away, and will find it on another trip.