The Zoo

Unclemonkeyboi and I took Ruben to the San Francisco Zoo yesterday to celebrate Swampie’s birthday. Had a great time as neither UMB or Ruben had been before, and everything was cool to them. The new monkey exhibit is really nice, and definitely check out the Lemur Island.

Afterwards, we went back to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve to check out the tidepools. The tide was still pretty high when we got there, so we did some cliff climbing and exploring until the tide went out enough we could search for starfish. We didn’t manage to find any.

Oh well.

It’s been great having Ruben around. I almost feel like a dad. I took him back to school shopping over the weekend and everything. He called his mom today and got permission to stay here longer, and I’ll be driving him back home to Oregon over Labor Day weekend. That should be fun.

More later…

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