Aug 26

and the horse you rode in on…

Ruben riding through IndiaIt’s been a busy past couple of days… I built a computer for Ruben so he will have something nice for the school year. In return he has promised to send Deb and I email at least 3 times a week. I figure that will last about a week, and then we’ll be lucky to get mail from him once a month. It’s ok though. I’ll know where he lives.:)

The Indian restaurant up the street has a stuffed horse on display. Ruben couldn’t help himself.. he had to ride the horse around the place. It was quite funny. He looks to be about 10 in the picture, but he’s actually 15. 16 next month!

More later, continuing my upgrade to XP and hoping that my computer runs better now.

Aug 18

The Zoo

Unclemonkeyboi and I took Ruben to the San Francisco Zoo yesterday to celebrate Swampie’s birthday. Had a great time as neither UMB or Ruben had been before, and everything was cool to them. The new monkey exhibit is really nice, and definitely check out the Lemur Island.

Afterwards, we went back to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve to check out the tidepools. The tide was still pretty high when we got there, so we did some cliff climbing and exploring until the tide went out enough we could search for starfish. We didn’t manage to find any.

Oh well.

It’s been great having Ruben around. I almost feel like a dad. I took him back to school shopping over the weekend and everything. He called his mom today and got permission to stay here longer, and I’ll be driving him back home to Oregon over Labor Day weekend. That should be fun.

More later…

Aug 15

Photo Album

I’ve spent several hours working on my website tonight. I start school next week, and I know that I will not get as much time to work on it during the semester. That being said, I added like six new pages to the Photo Album.

Have a look. There will be more coming. I plan to spend a lot of time on the site this weekend, tweaking and adding new pages.

Off to sleep. I have websites to create at work tomorrow.

Maybe Christian (student at work) was right today when he said I need a life. πŸ™‚

Aug 12

Summer Vacation

Although it’s been what… 11 years since high school. I still haven’t gotten over the fact that I don’t get summers off. I think it should be mandatory that everyone gets their summers off to go swimming, go to the beach, just hang out with your friends and not have any responsibility. All landlords stop charging rent, banks don’t require repayment, utilities are free…

I think I’m on to something here. A three-month long siesta! I wonder how much more productive we would be during the other nine months of the year, knowing we had the vacation to look forward to.

*sigh* It’s been one of those days…

Aug 10

tide pools

Went to the The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve today. What a cool place… a ton of tide pools, starfish, hermit crabs, and all kinds of creatures. If you’re in the area, check it out.

Aug 08

The Tilden Park Adventure

Yesterday, my group at work had their annual picnic in Tilden Park, and I managed to avoid seriously injuring myself this year, thank you very much. I did get a bit of sunburn while cooking, but that’s nothing compared to the 2nd degree ankle sprain last year, that involved much physical therapy and walking with a cane for 3 months…

Taricha torosa (The California Newt)At any rate, after the picnic, UncleMonkeyBoi and I decided to go for a hike in the ravine behind the picnic site. There’s a pretty creek running through the area, and we were hoping to find some salamanders or other amphibians or reptiles hanging out. We managed to find a couple dozen California Newts (Taricha torosa) swimming and crawling along the bank of the creek. We didn’t find any other species, which I found a bit strange, considering the prime habitat.

Well, when I say we didn’t find any other species, I meant of amphibians or reptiles…. at the end of our hike, while crossing under a large bridge, I saw what appeared to be a naked man. UMB was a few yards ahead of me, and he confirmed, yes, it is a naked man… and he’s not alone. We had managed to stumble upon a couple of guys getting it on in the woods.

Now, I think there’s a bit of a voyeur in everyone… and I’m no prude by any means. I was enjoying the show for the first minute or two. The whole scene was kind of funny and observing people when they don’t know you’re there, makes it exciting. However, the man who was in the best ‘position’ to see us, spotted us. And I know he was enjoying the idea of the hikers stumbling into his little ‘after work, don’t tell the missus’ tryst in the woods. But it became a bit creepy to me once he began making eye contact with UMB and me. We were no longer observing the situation, we had become participants in the fantasy, and I didn’t want that. So I motioned to UMB to follow me, and we headed back down the hill toward the car.

We saw the guys leave in separate SUV’s, presumably back to their mid-forties, mortgage, wives, car notes, and kids. I realize it’s completely possible the two were unmarried and even possibly a couple that thought it would be fun to meet up after work at the park. But I think my take on the story is much more interesting.

The very act of observation changes that which is being observed….

Aug 05


Ok, I’ll admit.. it’s a bit mean, but SPECTACULAR to see real live gay men on tv!!! I’m talking of course about Boy Meets Boy and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. So far, my gaydar has been dead on with the guys from BMB. I am making my prediction that Franklin and Wes are straight. Sean is questionable… I think he’s gay, but he could just be one of those strange straight guys who give the vibe. I’m putting my money on either Matthew or Robb for the grand winner. Bon Voyage, enjoy your trip to New Zealand.

Queer Eye is just great. RobinEggBlue says I’m like Thom the decorator. He is of course just like Carson. … only prettier. πŸ˜‰ It’s kind of funny.. if I were to pick which one I thought was most like me it would have to be a cross between Kyan the grooming guy, and Ted, the food and wine guy.

I wish I were like Elvis Costello.

Aug 02

in defense of the ‘f’ word

I love The Smoking Gun. Leave it to them to find a legal brief that is amusing, sarcastic, and down right brilliant. Check it out at
The “F” Word.