Jul 31

oh poo

So The Gee was here tonight, and he managed to find something completely horrific online Rate My Poo Dot Com. I don’t know how he does it, but he done dood it.


But I had to share.

Apparently so did they….

Jul 29

Aah… a slight bend to the left

How much do I love Bill Maher? He has a regular article in Details magazine. Always a great read. I’m totally addicted to his show on HBO.

One of his frequent guests, Arianna Huffington, has a site too. I hope there’s something to the rumors that she may run for Governor in California. I’d be all for that.

Not that I think the recall is such a great idea… I mean hell if it were that easy to ‘take back’ our votes, why the hell is the baboon still in office??

Shaking my head and looking up the cost of living in Canada…

Jul 28

something wicked this way comes

My grandmother would be so disappointed. Unclemonkeyboi brought home a couple of garter snakes from the pet store yesterday. He’s spent the last 24 hours reading everything he could find on the internet about what they should eat and when. He’s redesigned their vivarium at least three times. I have a great picture of him with Zipper on his lap, both staring intently at the cage. Staring at the snakes...I found them sitting like that when I woke up and stumbled into the living room. Anyway, I found this website tonight I thought was pretty cool. Some guys that go out looking for all the different species of snakes they can find. Many they show on the website came from places I regularly haunt, like Lake Berryessa, and elsewhere in the Sacramento Valley. Cool. Check em out at:
Snake Guys.

Jul 26


This is a pretty cool site I ran across today… input three of your favorite bands, and it will tell you a list of other bands that you’ll probably like. Works with movies apparently, too. Check it out at:
Gnod – The global network of dreams.

Jul 24

good day!

Aah… it started out not so hot.. but ended so good… The parents agreed to loan me the down payment for a new car. That’s a huge load off my mind. If all works ok, I’ll be in new wheels this weekend. Providing, of course, that the dealership doesn’t sell it out from under me. Oh well.. if it’s meant to be it will.

Anyway… went with UncleMonkeyBoi and RobinEggBlue to see Fleetwood Mac tonight. They were simply awesome.

I’ve got this mental list of performances that I have to see before I, or the performer, die… I can cross off one of the few remaining ones tonight. I’ve seen Stevie Nicks perform Landslide.

REB and I saw her solo last year, but she failed me. She has been redeemed!

It’s amazing that there are people who have been performing and have had hits for longer than I’ve been alive.. and they still sound great, they still have amazing energy and remind me what a good rock show is all about.

Off to dream sweet dreams of shawls, and spinning… Spin, Stevie, Spin…

Jul 19

good day

Spent today at the beach in Santa Cruz with the crew. Met up with Tiffany for her big show. It was really nice seeing her again. I don’t see her as often as I’d like. That may be changing, as I may be taking over webmastering duties for her site. I’ll of course keep things posted here as I learn more. I’ll have some pictures from today to put up, too. But that will probably have to wait til Monday. Did something funky with my hair, I’ll have a pic on here soon enough.

The full day of sun has beaten me down. I’m off to bed.

Jul 17

RobinEggBlue will be so pleased…

Hairy palms, blindness, angering God for wasting sperm…::feel free to sing a chorus of ‘Every Sperm is Sacred’:: and now THIS: Masturbating Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk…

Mom bursts in the room, “Oh My God! What are you doing!?”

Son: “Preventing Cancer Mom, now close the door!”

Jul 14

Personality Change

I received an email from an old friend a couple of days ago, someone who I haven’t talked to for probably seven years. I happened to run across his website and dropped him a note to say hello. He asked the perfunctory questions, like what are you up to now, what’s your life like, etc. I haven’t responded to him yet. I’m still trying to process how completely different my life is now from then.

Honestly, I think the person that I was back then wasn’t even really me. Memories of that time are like recalling something from a movie that I watched once. A familiar sound to the plot, but it doesn’t ring true to me. Last time that I talked to him, I was just moving away from Nashville after having to live in my car for a couple of weeks. My dreams of being a country music star had been chewed up and spit out after a horrible record deal fiasco. My confidence was at an all time low. I was broke, desperate, and miserable. I had to move back home to Kansas City. When I left, I left some of the greatest friendships I had known. Rique’, Hoss, Mama Sharon, Shane, John, Scooter, Jay, Keith, Carolyn, Candace, Matt, and god knows who I’ve forgotten. The script has become so foreign.

Rique’ is one of those larger than life people that has so much energy exuding from him that his body temperature actually soars. Everything in excess, biggerfasterbettermore, and oh, how he can laugh!! I’ll spare him any potential embarrasment of telling particular stories, but I will say that as long as I live, I will *never* forget his famous ‘character,’ Cousin Dick Tucker. Even now as I write this, I’m supressing a bout of hysterical laughter, bordering on tears. Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion! -Steel Magnolias

How do I respond to this email and try to sum up all the changes that I’ve gone through in the past seven years? When his last memory of me is of this crushed kid going home with his tail between his legs…

I guess the only thing that I can really say is that I’ve grown up.

Pardon me while I mourn my youth.

Jul 12

Never Be Unreachable Again…

I have ten email addresses. I’m not kidding. Only one of which is ‘personal’ that I use to correspond to people I actually want to talk to. Several of the addresses are set up for my work as a web designer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, different aliases and such. One address is to reach my cell phone, for things requiring my immediate attention. Yet another I use in my attempts to filter out spam.

Tip: Anytime you sign up or register your email address online, you can be fairly certain that you will end up on a spam list. Set up a free email address from Hotmail or Yahoo and always enter that address online. Let the spam go to that email address, and if there is correspondence you really want from the company you’ve registered with, send them a seperate email asking them to change your contact information. You’ll eliminate 85% of spam this way.

In addition to ten email addresses, I have the aforementioned cell phone, a home phone, and a work phone. I’m also available on several instant messaging systems, including AIM, MSN, and Yahoo.

There’s voice mail on all the phones, you can leave text messages on the various messenger programs or my cell phone. My cable company can even leave me notes on my television!!! I am so connected at this very minute, that I can almost feel all the different data streams and bits slamming into my body.

If you have trouble reaching me, it’s because I’m on some remote tropical island where there are no cell phone towers, satellite internet links, or cable tv, and by god, don’t come looking for me, because I needed to unplug.